Humans Are Better Than Machines For Transcription

machine-vs-human-14312853 (1)Transcription services are known worldwide today. With an increase in awareness about the benefits it can reap, transcription is going global. Today companies, businesses want to reach every corner of the world and transcription services can definitely help them in doing so.

We know that technology today is making any thing possible. Many opine that with the advancement in technology, transcription can be completely automated and there is no human intervention required. In fact speech recognition softwares are used by many transcription service providers but despite that these companies do require humans just to ensure the quality they promise to their customers.

Heres why Scribie still does get the transcription work done by humans.

  • Speech recognition is only 40 – 50 % accurate for real world conversations which is usually the kind of files Scribie gets. For e.g interview transcription , webinar transcription etc.
  • Machines do not have emotional Quotient, in especially video transcription many a times you understand what is being said by gestures and facial expressions which can not be done by machines accurately.
  • Machines cannot understand different accents unless they are trained for it which is time taking and today might need a lot of investment as well and thus takes away any benefit it might provide.
  • Medical Transcription that heavily uses speech recognition softwares still gets at least 2 – 3 rounds of quality check done by humans since there are no place of error in medical field.

While these automation softwares can definitely be used as a supplement, but at this point of time technology is not advanced enough to completely replace humans. It can be used to increase the productivity of transcribers since instead of typing out the whole content they have to work on a raw transcript done by a machine. There is no guarantee though as to what extent the contents are accurate. Also transcription services rendered through human ensures quality and creates a trust factors for customers.

At Scribie, we have hired highly skilled and experienced people who undertake a formal training and examination so that they can provide with unmatched transcription services. We have an in-house quality team that scans through each and every word to make sure our customers receive accurate files.

Such great effort cannot definitely be replaced by machines anytime soon. Yes, they can be used to make the process run smoothly and efficiently.

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