How Businesses Can Leverage Scribie’s API To Provide Transcription Service To Their Users.

APIToday transcription has its own place in your business toolbox. Transcription services can take your business to a next level. It opens door for improvements and betterment for your business. The need of the hour is to provide these business a way to easily integrate their systems or website with the best quality transcription service. Scribie has enabled this by releasing its very own REST API. It provides easy integration and seamless user experience with least investment for the business. Some of the advantages of partnering and integrating Scribie’s API are.

  • Once integrated, the business can charge their customer as per their own revenue model, while using Scribie’s standard rates and services at the backend.
  • iPhone and android recording Apps can integrate Scribie’s API and provide transcription services to their users thus providing accurate transcriptions for video recordings.
  • A lot of teleconference calls are recorded which then needs to be transcribed. These teleconferencing services can integrate Scribie’s API with their conferencing solutions and provide transcription services to their end users.
  • Podcast hosting services can integrate with the API and provide transcription services to their users which will enable them to spread their podcast to a wider audience.
  • Learning and educational websites which post videos and tutorials on the different subject can integrate with Scribie’s API so that the lessons are available as transcripts to their user.


At Scribie we ensure our customers 98% accuracy and have a comprehensive four-step process that guarantees the same quality consistently. The completely online platform helps our customers to check the file status and quality online. Other businesses can use the API and provide the same quality and user experience to their customers which will be beneficial to all.

The API details can be found in the link below.

Please send a mail to or chat with us directly for any further queries.

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