What Type Of Calls Should Businesses Record And Transcribe

Transcription is the need of the hour. It can be your leading edge over others. Every company is running on small change in their way of doing business. A small change can make a big difference. Transcribing important business calls will give you a plethora of advantage. Your next question would be what type of calls to transcribe and what advantages it would serve you with.

Let’s talk about Sales Pitch. Sales pitch call is a part of every business as you pitch in to clients and try to sell your product and service offerings. You may call numerous people or a few top notch potential clients. No matter what the number of call is, you want to recall your conversation with them to find what you have offered and what are they expecting from your company. Transcription can prove to be beneficial for your company as it has following advantages:-

  • Transcription will give you a brief report of entire conversation.
  • This report can also highlight the timing of next follow up call.
  • Pertinent details in reports including company name, prospect name and telephone number so you can simply click through to make the call again
  • You can check the quality of conversation and improvise later.
  • This report will give you insights about client’s requirement; can help you in taking futuristic decisions.

Next in the list is Board Meeting. Transcription of board meetings becomes very vital as every statement in the meeting might become the company’s new policy, decisions and much more. Transcripts can act as minutes of the meeting. For any meeting one can review last meeting agenda and solutions. Meetings which are transcribed work wonders for top management. Reports can describe each and every solution and ideas which was shared or discussed in the meeting. These transcription reports act as proof and it is of high importance.

Earnings conference calls, wherein a public company discusses the financial results during the last quarter/year etc. Investors and financial consultants eagerly await the earnings conference calls which would give them knowledge on the success and failures of their investment. Earnings call transcripts could impact stocks and its stakeholders. The earnings call usually ends with a question answer session between the company, investors and stock analysts. Transcripts of the earnings call is distributed by the company. One can look for company’s growth over time from such reports.

Transcribing calls like candidate references can be useful as well. The benefit would be, the references that candidates quote during their interview can be checked to ensure the right candidate is hired with right skill. You can counter verify the information provided from the references provided.

Webinars are budding method of sending your message out to more than just your local community. The webinars could be just a message, knowledge sharing session or a seminar. When you host a webinar make sure you get them transcribed. Transcripts help in increasing webinar presence in search results as the transcripts will contain all the keywords people are looking for. It also enables listeners to read a text version of webinars which is a great way of comprehending and reduces the need of re-listening to webinar.

Podcast is an audio/video content created by people which others could listen by downloading it from internet. We offer free podcast transcription service. The files will be transcribed within a week and we will send you the transcript. However, we will also publish the audio and transcript on our blog.

Customer testimonial for case study can be well transcribed and the reports of transcription will add value to business. Client testimonials are short, focused quotes not more than a few sentences received from customers who are willing to share about a specific aspect of your business which could be quality of product and services or the client’s experience with your company. These testimonials are received as audio through calls and can be transcribed to know about customer feedback. In today’s world each company is client centric or customer centric, in this way transcription is a great help for companies looking for transcribing customer testimonials.

All above calls can be transcribed by Scribie. Scribie is one stop solution for all calls. Bring any type of call and receive transcription reports which are accurate, efficient and at fair price too. Each report will give you glimpse of quality and productivity at Scribie.

You can also book any of these calls through Scribie’s phone call and conference call recording service which is integrated with its transcription service. Please check the link below for more details.


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