Why You Should Transcribe Your Sermons

Most churches and other religious organizations do not have the resources or time to transcribe their sermons. Nevertheless, most churches aim to spread the gospel and become involved in as many lives as possible. Since content with a transcript has a higher percentage of engagement, and most social platforms now support video without sound by hovering over it to play, it is imperative that your sermon has a transcription that viewers can read along.


There are several reasons why your sermons need to have a transcript.


1. Accessibility


According to the World Health Organization, over 5% of the global population, or roughly 430 million people, have a hearing disability. This figure is projected to increase dramatically by 2050 to an outstanding 2.5 billion people who will require hearing rehabilitation. This is due to unsafe hearing practices that have been prevalent in the last decade or so. One-third of those 65 and over have a hearing disability.


You need to be able to reach these people. Having a transcript is a huge step forward to do this. It allows them to read along and clearly understand what you are preaching.



2. Engagement


Over 100 empirical studies have shown that transcribed content improves comprehension, attention, and the ability to retain information. It is particularly helpful to non-native audiences who struggle to grasp when you’re speaking fast. A transcript allows them to follow along at their own pace.


In short, it makes your content more valuable to your audience and your service.


3. Search Engines


When people search for content on a specific topic, what are their first steps? They type in words based on the subject they are looking for, and search engines bring back results that match those words. If your videos do not have transcripts, they will be hard to be found in search engines because they cannot read your video.


Having transcripts that you can post on your website allows google to index your page, leading the relevant videos to come up in search, even if your videos are not uploaded on YouTube.




4. Content Marketing


Let’s face it, there are a lot of people who don’t go to church and do not want to hear about it. We aim to bring as many of these lost souls into the kingdom of God. We should reach them through video, and having a transcript of your sermon could help.


Transcribing your sermons can also be a valuable exercise for your personal growth as a preacher. By reviewing your sermons in written form, you can reflect on your preaching style, identify areas for improvement, and refine your message.


Transcribe Your Video/Audio


Scribie.com is a transcription platform that helps transcribe your content quickly and accurately. We do it in four stages.


  • Transcribe


This stage is used to convert your content into text. We have a team of professional transcribers who do this.



  • Review


After the transcript is generated, our reviewers edit each sentence to correct mistakes in spelling and grammar. They also check for speaker names making sure they’re correct.


  • Proofread


We have a team of professional proofreaders who look through the transcript, proofread it once again making sure the meaning of what you’re trying to say stays intact.


  • Quality Check


The transcript alternates between Quality Control and proofreading until desired outcome is achieved.

At Scribie (link) we believe in “Transforming Speech into Text with Precision and Empathy”. We have combined the best of both worlds- AI and Human in the loop. With a team of expert transcribers working hand-in-hand with advanced AI technology, Scribie provides fast, reliable and accurate transcripts. Contact us today so that we can help you reach a wider audience, improve engagement, and help spread the gospel.

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