Tips for Successful Webinars

Webinars are a low-cost method of engaging your audience and reaching new customers. They can also be beneficial for marketing your business, increasing brand awareness, promoting products you sell, or just increasing your understanding of something new. Here are tips for hosting a successful webinar.


  1. Explore different tools


There are numerous tools out there for you to use in hosting a webinar, such as Google Hangout, GoToWebinar, and WebEx. Choose one that is the least expensive for your needs and will be easy for you to use. Make sure your viewers can easily download any required software or app before you begin your event and test it before you go live with it.


  1. Choose Your Webinar Platform


Before you sign up for a webinar platform, you must learn how to use it because, depending on the platform you choose, you may have different features at your disposal. Spend some time learning about your chosen venue before you begin your webinar. You’ll also want to ensure that the webinar platform is compatible with the computer on which you’ll be hosting the event.


  1. Find the Right Audience


Most webinar platforms allow you to choose “audience targeting options,” so you must choose wisely. For example, are you trying to target buyers of a particular product? Are you trying to grow your regional presence? You’ll want to choose an audience to help your business reach its goals. Also, make sure the platform you choose allows for registration forms that can be completed and saved for future use.


  1. Choose the Day and Time & Send Invites and Reminders


The day and time you choose for your webinar are important. Some webinar platforms will allow you to hold a webinar anytime, so you can decide when there are no distractions. Additionally, it can be helpful to send out reminders to let attendees know when the event is happening.


  1. Take Care of Equipment, Lighting, and Appearance


You’ll want your computer, projector, and other equipment ready for your event. Remind your attendees about the time and place of the event, and make sure you send out reminders to those who may have forgotten. You also will want to ensure that you have adequate lighting for the webinar space and that you’re wearing appropriate clothing (not fancy clothes!) so you are easily seen on screen.


  1. Eliminate Interruptions and Engage Audience


You want to make sure that, in your webinar, there are no issues that could keep the viewer’s attention. For example, prevent interruptions from private callers, cell phone calls, or emails. Also, encourage your audience to participate by asking questions, conducting polls and using interactive elements. Make sure you have a moderator to keep the conversation flowing smoothly.


  1. Transcribe Your Webinar With Scribie! 


Don’t waste time transcribing your webinars by hand. Our integration lets you do that by easily, automatically uploading a recorded webinar to our platform where it will be automatically transcribed. 


  1. Almost all webinar software includes recording functionality.
  2. Upload Your webinar or paste your video URL within the Scribie platform. 
  3. Select additional transcription options.
  4. Checkout and you will have your transcription delivered within a day or two. 


Adding transcripts to webinars is a great way to boost search engine rankings. You can repurpose these transcripts into smaller content pieces like blogs or post on social media further enhancing your SEO efforts.


Webinars can help your business in numerous ways, and they are growing in popularity as more companies begin hosting them. By following these tips along with a good transcript will create a successful webinar that engages your audience and helps you to achieve your goals.   

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