Transcription Tips from Scribie Proofreaders

Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything. – Wyatt Earp First drafts exist for a reason. As for producing transcripts, we want to make sure that a quality assurance system is in place. Scribie’s four-step process includes a proofreading step to regularly produce high-quality transcripts. The file alternates between proofreading and quality check until it… Continue reading Transcription Tips from Scribie Proofreaders

Featured Transcriber- Christine L

Scribie’s Featured Transcribers At Scribie, we employ thousands of transcribers from around the world. These transcribers are the heart and soul of our service, and we rely heavily on their expertise and diligence to produce the best transcripts in the industry. We want to highlight and recognize these humble and fastidious individuals by telling their… Continue reading Featured Transcriber- Christine L