Free Podcast Transcript: TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt

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00:01 Sean Wycliffe: Hi, my name is Sean Wycliffe, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Dealflicks, and you’re listening to the App Guy Podcast.

00:10 Speaker 2: The App Guy Podcast. Straight from your host, Paul, the App Guy. Sharing his app entrepreneur journey with you for your enjoyment. The App Guy Podcast. And now, Paul, the App Guy.

00:36 Paul Kemp: You’re listening to another episode of the App Guy Podcast. I’m your host, it’s Paul Kemp, and I am here to serve you and bring you some of the best guests I can find who will help you develop your business, help you with your app world, whatever that maybe. So, we often talk to a lot of individuals, but today, I really wanted to focus on social because I have managed to get the attention of two of the co-authors of a book called, A World Gone Social. This is a fascinating journey. I recommend you go and search for it now. All recommended good book stores and Amazon. If you look at it, you’ll see that the co-authors are Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt. Ted, Mark, welcome to the App Guy Podcast.


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Free Podcast Transcript: Share with Holy Spirit – 6/3/14

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00:05 Deb Phelps: Hi, this Reverend Deb Phelps, Senior Administer of MiraclesOne, and I wanna thank you for listening to MiraclesOne Radio. I also wanna share with you an exciting event coming up in April 2015 in New York City, and that is the Course of Miracles conference. Rev. Paul and I will be there, once again, presenting, along with many other teachers. You can find out more information at Be sure, when you register, that you let them know MiraclesOne sent you. Also, for all that we offer, be sure to go to our website,


01:04 DP: Hi everyone, this is Reverend Deb Phelps of MiraclesOne, and I’m so glad to be with you for, once again, our Tuesday Course of Miracles with MiraclesOne Radio show. Today is June 3rd, so we are in June now, which means we have a new theme. June’s theme is “Hide and Seek,” so we’ll be taking a look at some readings that help us to get away from hiding, and seek the truth. Joining me, as usual, is Reverend Gail Bartlett. Hi Rev. Gail.

01:36 Gail Bartlett: Hi everyone. How are you doing? Glad to be here.


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