Client Update: Version

Several new features in this release. Here’s a brief description of each one of them.

A new menu item for pausing/resuming uploads has been added. It will show up whenever an upload is ongoing. The upload is also automatically paused if another Skype call is detected so as not to hamper the quality of that call. It is automatically resumed when the call finishes. Thanks to David for suggesting this feature.

Some changes were made to the Echo Canceler to increase its sensitivity. If you are experiencing echo in your calls while using Call Graph, then please turn this option on from the ‘Advanced’ tab and check. This option is turned off by default. Beware that this is still an experimental feature and right now it degrades the quality of recording.

We added support for mono encoding of mp3 files in this release. Several of our users had asked for this. This option can be found in the configuration -> recording tab. Its available only for mp3 files though. The reasoning being, if you are recording as wav then you are more interested in preserving the quality and having the caller and the callee’s voices in a separate track does that. If you are doing a podcast then use the wav file encoding and then post edit with Audacity.

In addition we added support for 8 KHz and 24 KHz sampling rates. The default still stays at 16 KHz sampling rate, 96 kbps bit rate. The 8 KHz is mainly to ensure that you have lower file sizes. But note that the quality really goes down at this rate: its analog telephony quality.

Another minor change was to rename the ‘Search’ menu item to ‘History’ to clear up some confusion as to where your call records go after the recording is done! The search functionality is integrated into this call record history dialog. Also, you will see two new options ‘search’ and ‘transcribe’ for each call record. Right now they just redirect you to the CRIMS home page. But watch out, it will lead you directly to you account in the future releases!

This release also contains several bug fixes. So please update now. And please keep sending in your feedback.

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