New Feature: Association Password

We added a small new feature today: now you can specify a different association password than your account password. By default both the passwords are same. But there might be cases where you want it to be different eg. when your account is being used by several people for uploading. This password cannot be used for logging into the account, only to associate your machines with your account. So you can share this password with all of your team and be assured that noone will be able to mess around with the uploaded records. Very useful if you want to track and monitor your team.

To change the association password, go to the settings page and specify a new password. And then associate your clients with the account once more. If any client uses the old password, then the uploads will start failing. Note that this will happen only if the association password is different from the account password. So if you do not change it then you are okay.

A brief note on passwords by the way. There was this news article sometime back; a rouge admin changing the password of a user because he did not like it. The bigger mistake here is that the passwords are stored in plain text which enables the admin to see what the passwords are. But in our system, its hashed. Even if we want to know what your password is, we cannot. We see only the string of characters which cannot be decoded back. So you can be sure that your passwords are safe with us. 🙂

Please let us know what you think of this feature. Comments/feedback are welcome.

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