Recording Interviews with Skype and Call Graph

If you havent seen this A/V feature on how to use Skype of recording interviews, then go through it right now. Its a must.

Skype for Interviews

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Great tips on how to optimize the Skype connection with a visual step by step guide. Here’s some additional one’s if you are using Call Graph.

  • Record in the stereo mode and 16 KHz sampling rate. In the stereo mode incoming/outgoing voice data is encoding in a separate tracks which makes post editing a lot less painful.
  • Use a headset instead of the inbuilt speaker and microphone of your laptop/notebook. Keeps unwanted noises down to the minimum.
  • Keep the stats window open and keep an eye on it. If anything goes wrong during the recording, it will show up there.

And get it transcribed by us once the recording is done! its much easier to read through it than listen to it. 🙂


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