Client Version

Call Graph client version is out. The following changes went into it.

Bug Fixes:

Recording cancellation now works! 😀 Fixed a bug introduced in the last version. Thanks to Monica for pointing it out.

Conference call recording has been fixed. Recording is stopped when the last person drops out and not the first.

Fixed a rare crash which used to happen in between the call recording.

Fixed an issue where Call Graph used to hang on startup sometimes.

Association of Call Graph client with the account on CRIMS now works in minimal UI mode. Thanks to Gary for pointing this bug out.

Recording Stats:

Recording statistics has introduced in this release. It displays live stats whenever recording is in progress. Useful if you are recording a podcast or an important call and want to keep a tab on recording status. Its available only in the browser UI mode.

UI Changes:

The recording’s UI has been further cleaned up. The actions have been grouped into a single drop down menu. Check it out.

What’s Next:

Filters, rules etc. Stay tuned.

Please update your installtion now. Thanks!

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