Simplifying Transcript Ordering Process

Simplifying Transcript Ordering Process

We have made it super easy to order transcripts of your audio files. Now you do not need to create an account beforehand. Just go to our homepage, click on the upload files button and select your file and upload it. We will create a temporary account for your upload session and link the account to your PayPal email address when the payment is made. An auto generated password will be sent to your email address and which you can then use to login to your account.

If we detect that you already have an account on Call Graph then we’ll link the temporary account with the old one and move all your data there.

Sample transcripts cannot be ordered from the temporary account. You have to create an account and verify your email address and then upload the files. Sample transcripts can now be ordered from Guest Accounts. You can create an account after uploading file to the Guest account. We provide one free sample transcript. Try it out!

We have also added a detailed description of our transcription process. Have a look.

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  1. Dear madam or sir. I would like to upload some files for transcription. The files are mp3 files and are quite big (app. 95MB). I tried to upload them but it seemed not to work. Can you give me more information about the file size that is accepted and how long uploading takes?

    Thank you in advance, kind regards, Ruth

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