Improving Transcription Accuracy

We have been fine-tuning our transcription process to improve the accuracy of the transcripts. Our process is a bit more involved from the usual transcription process where a person works on the complete file. Instead we split up the file into smaller parts and several transcribers and reviewers work on each part individually. The parts are then collated into the final transcript.

Our process tries to remove, to the extent possible, tediousness from the transcription work. Since files are small (around 6 minutes) a transcriber has to spend no more than 45 minutes to 1 hour on each file. Studies have shown that the average human concentration span is around that mark; a person can maintain the same concentration level on one task for no more than an hour, after which a break is required. Therefore splitting up files has an noticeable impact on the accuracy.

But this also introduces the problem of inconsistency. Since different parts are worked on by different people, a specific term which appears in one part may not appear the same way in the other parts. Our first approach for solving this problem was to use a dictionary. After the final transcript was done we used to cross check the file against a vocabulary of commonly occurring terms and correct the mistakes. But this approach only solved the problem partially since it was hard to catch all the inconsistencies.

The best accuracy we could get to was around 95% with this process. But we wanted to improve it. So now, we have added another step of review. This final review is done by a single transcriber who goes through the entire file and corrects all the inconsistencies. We have been doing this since the past few months and have found this to be much more effective than the dictionary approach. Consequently our accuracy has gone up to 98 to 100%.

Because of the additional review step our costs have also gone up; from 50 cents per minute to 75 cents per minute. This rate has been in effect for around 3 months and we are quite pleased with the results. We are still around 25 to 50% cheaper than other professional transcription services available. That is the result of our transcription process and the system we have developed to manage it.

The increased price also gives a little bit flexibility. Therefore we have also started offering discounts for bulk orders. If you order for more than 10 hours at a time then you can avail a 10% discount on the total price. We will also initiate a seasonal discount program sometime in the future.

So try out our improved transcription service and order a transcript today!


  • Tim says:

    You might consider more of a bullet point approach to presenting your reasoning, followed by a comparison of what a 6 minute recording used to cost and what it will cost now.

  • Rajiv says:

    A 6 minute file will cost $5.6. A 1 hour recording will cost $45.

  • Eric says:

    I’ve definitely noticed an increase in quality between the batch of transcripts that I did a few months back and several submitted in the past month. Quality was always good, but I’ve been especially impressed at the accuracy and detail in the current ones, particularly given that some were done in mediocre environments (like an interview in a noisy coffee shop). Keep up the good work!

  • Rajiv says:

    Thanks Eric! Feels good to see our hard work paying off. Thanks so much for using our services.

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