Starting Weekend Deliveries

Starting Weekend Deliveries

Our transcription service just got a bit better. Starting this month, we are moving from a 5-day work week to a 7-day one. This means we will deliver transcript orders on all days of the week. If an order is placed on Friday or Saturday, it will be delivered within 1 day; Saturday and Sunday respectively. Previously, all orders placed over the weekends were delivered on Monday. Not anymore. We will be delivering all orders within our usual 1-day turnaround time.

There’s no additional charge for weekend deliveries. The same rates ($0.99 per audio minute) and rules apply. Orders have to placed before 2:30 PM EST (US) to be delivered the next day. Orders that are placed after 2:30 PM EST will be delivered on the day following.

Get started today. Receive affordable, high quality transcripts of your audio files in one day. Start now.

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