Revamped Uploads

We have recently revamped our uploader and added new features. You should see a marked improvement on the upload speeds and the consistency, especially if you are using a HTML5 supported browser eg. latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even IE10.

The improvements are mainly because of the chunked uploading support; the files are uploaded in multiple chunks of 10 MB instead of the complete file at a time. The chunked uploader is also fault tolerant; if there is a interruption in the internet connection, it automatically resumes from the last position. Eg. if the laptop is suspended in between, then the upload will also resume when you resume your laptop!

It is amazing to see it in action. In our opinion, the HTTP uploads are as good as any other method now. We will blog about the technical details of the chunked uploading support in a separate post.

The maximum file size limit also has been raised to 10 GB from 1 GB. All accounts also now have unlimited space available. You can upload as many files as you wish to your account now!

Try it out today. Please do get in touch with us if you need any assistance.

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