Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Get Their Calls Transcribed

Business Meetings TranscriptionNowadays people can conduct business across borders without the need for meeting physically. Voice and video conference calls come in handy and it is possible to conduct a meeting with members of staff or even customers who are thousand of miles away. To just store these recorded voices and video may not be an ideal thing as they require time to listen. This is where transcribing comes in; businesses can hire a reliable transcription service provider to have the calls transcribed down in a professional manner. Getting transcriptions for these calls is beneficial to the business, as it gives it a reference point to start with, as far as the meeting is concerned.

Here are the top 5 reasons why businesses should get their calls transcribed

  • The transcribed notes will serve as the minutes of the meeting on call. So everyone can focus on the meeting rather than taking the minutes.
  • Businesses need to keep records of important meetings, this is more so for the meetings which are made over the phone calls or the video. Transcribed notes can be used for future reference, this will come in handy especially if it was an important decision making meeting in a business. There will be no need of writing other reports as what transpired during the event will be well captured in the transcription. Since these records are important for reference, therefore only professional transcripts will be required which can be kept as either soft or hard copies.
  • Call transcripts very useful for Marketing and Sales team, Research firms who need to prepare a reports based on these interviews/meetings on calls which in turn will be used by them or their clients. Faster and accurate transcripts of these calls area basic requirement for such firms and hence the professional transcription service will be very beneficial for them. Earnings calls transcripts is one such example where many businessess or individuals are more interested in transcripts rather than listening to the entire recording.
  • Transcripts helps in better collaboration. With people situated in different geographical locations and working on a common project, teleconference calls are the best means of collaboration. Having these teleconference call transcripts helps these globals teams collaborate in a better way. It also serves as a proof that a given meeting took place and can be used for compensation purposes or even in situations where some collaborating evidence is required.
  • Reading is faster than listening, one might struggle to get the words, more so if the language used is not a mother tongue. Reading on the other hand is easy; words which are used will be grasped easily.

Scribie is about to launch a teleconferencing service integrated with our transcription service. The conference calls will be hosted by Scribie and will be automatically recorded and ordered for transcription.  Please visit this space again in future for more details.

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