#Transcripts2020: One Year Away from the US Presidential Election

Time flies fast. The 2020 US presidential election is now just one year away.

This upcoming 59th presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

At Scribie, we wanted to do our part. Last Fourth of July, we announced the #Transcripts2020 project.

This serves multiple purposes:

  • provide public access to transcripts of key speeches and debates
  • contribute to AI and speech recognition research
  • demonstrate how we turn audio files into transcripts (while allowing you to use our editor)

Since we specialize in providing accurate transcripts, we want to help the public by providing unbiased, full transcripts of prepared statements. This way, we help represent what the 2020 candidates stand for.

We also aim to contribute to AI and speech recognition research. We are on track to release the open source data to the public, once the election is over.

Learn more and be part of the #Transcripts2020 project.

Take note: Scribie does not endorse or condone any position regarding any political candidate, group, or cause. We aim to accurately transcribe historical facts and make these available for the public record–free from partisanship and commentary.

Access Vital Information

As recent events indicate, transcripts serve a critical role. Their availability, accuracy and completeness influence a nation’s future.

This project helps us aid your important voting decision. Through written records, you can more easily study what candidates stand for. They serve as proof and reviewable reference.

These are full transcripts of the events. While information seems easily accessible, publications tend to use out-of-context pull quotes that tend to misrepresent a candidate’s intended message.

We have dedicated 2% of our monthly operating capacity for this project. Through the work of our professional transcribers, we have been publishing the full and accurate transcripts shortly after the events.

Feel free to view and download the transcripts of Major Presidential Debates:

On top of the debates, we’ve covered speeches and prepared statements of frontrunners:

Now, you might be interested in transcripts that involve other candidates and events. 

For that, we need your help. Tweet your request and mention @scribie_com.

Speech Recognition and AI Research

While Scribie guarantees to provide 99% accuracy with our work, this doesn’t mean the public can’t do their share. Aside from being able to download these transcripts, you can edit them using Scribie’s in-browser editor if there are bits and pieces of the transcript that need to be improved.

We continuously compile associated audio and transcripts for advancing research purposes. We expect to produce a data set with around 300 hours of content which will be released to the public in open source MIT license after the elections.

You’ll be able to download the audio and text from Scribie’s #Transcripts2020 project for your machine learning and speech recognition research.

Reliable Records

Scribie has been in this industry for a long time, and we have a sophisticated system in place to ensure that we consistently deliver accurate transcripts.

Scribie’s four-step process makes us stand out from the rest. Usually, a transcription provider operates around a single- or two-step process.

Recently, we have been doubling down on our position as a high accuracy transcription provider. We reckon that this focus puts us in the best position to transcribe historical records, like the prepared statements related to the 2020 election.

Upcoming Events

We’ve covered significant debates and speeches for this year, and we’re not stopping.

The last major presidential debate for the year will be happening this December 19, 2019, in Los Angeles, California.

By next year, a monthly debate schedule will continue through January 2020. Debates will regularly occur from February until April 2020.

We are committed to publishing high-quality transcripts of debates and notable speeches shortly after the events.

Bookmark this page to stay updated: #Transcripts2020 Feed.

What events should we transcribe?

In line with our objective of providing accurate records, it’s key that we choose the right events, speeches, and debates to cover.

While we strive to cover the major debates, we appreciate it if you can let us know any other important speech that we have to look out for or any past events we have not yet transcribed.

Let your voice be heard. Help us make the right transcripts available…

Request a transcript. Tweet to @scribie_com.

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