Promoting Equality and Justice

In light of recent events, we looked into our ways.

We support the movement against racism and would like to extend this conversation to various injustices that affect our global community. We’re revisiting efforts that are most consequential to our community of people coming from various backgrounds.

Through the years, we’ve been refining a meritocratic system. This allows us to focus on the quality of work and to maintain fairness for transcribers and buyers.

As we are operating globally, we help businesses and transcribers by being a community that you can rely on for work or transcription service without having to worry if you will be treated equally because of your race, gender, educational background, and more.

Scribie’s Manifesto and Code of Conduct

Injustices and inequalities aren’t limited to race or skin color.

Here in Scribie, we believe in equality and respect.

We hire transcribers regardless of their historical background, and we have a meritocratic system that credit deserving individuals based on their work quality, Code of Conduct, and Scribie’s manifesto.

In line with our manifesto, we value providing highly-accurate and unbiased transcripts to our customers. For our transcribers, we actively support fair compensation, a clean work environment, and respect.

We have various measures that prevent bias in our work. Our workflow eliminates the need for direct contact between transcribers.

During the four-step process, the Reviewers, Proofreaders, and Quality Checkers will not know who worked on the file. This measure also controls any individual transcriber’s bias that may affect the transcript.

Our Code of Conduct shared with our transcribers lays down what we expect from them as part of the Scribie community.

It helps our effort to support our commitment to creating a just and equal platform for all.

We want to emphasize a few points:


Regardless of background and identities, Scribie will welcome and support you in the community. We give fair and equal opportunities to those who need a platform that can be a source of income and career growth.

We work with transcribers regardless of their race, gender, past, and more.

Consideration and respectfulness

To have a productive and comfortable environment, we highly regard our transcribers to be considerate and respectful towards each other.

No to any form of harassment

We may have different opinions, and while disagreements are unavoidable, we strongly encourage our members to focus on resolving issues.

We do not tolerate insults and harassment, such as:

  • Threats of violence.
  • Discriminatory jokes and language.
  • Personal insults, especially those using racist or sexist terms.
  • Unwelcome sexual attention.
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior.

We enforce these rules to empower our transcribers to call out violations.

Violating Scribie’s Code of Conduct grants us to suspend accounts and remove violators from the Slack Community.

Over to You

Help us fight for equality and justice. Our system continues to iterate as we learn more about how to better serve you and collaborate with our transcriber community.

For any feedback or suggestions, you may reach our support channel here.

Our transcriber community can also connect through the Slack chat.

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