Interview Transcription

People use transcription services for various reasons in their personal and business lives. For some of those people, they use them for their interviews. Whether you are a writer who is doing research for a book, a reporter or journalist working on a hot story, or a researcher gathering information for your study, the information… Continue reading Interview Transcription

Cost For Transcription Services

Transcription Costs Scribie

What Should You Pay For Transcription? Pricing for Audio/Video Transcription at Scribie Price Per Audio Minute Budget (5 Days) $0.50 Regular (36 Hours) $1.25 Rush (12 Hours) $2.50 Services Included/Excluded Option Additional Charge Audio time-coding Included BITC $0.50/minute Speaker tracking Included Word Document Included Multiple Speakers Included Non-American Accent $0.50/minute Noisy Background $0.50/minute Strict Verbatim… Continue reading Cost For Transcription Services