Why Your Law Firm Needs Legal Transcription Services

Legal Transcription for Law Firms

As a legal professional, you tend to work with a steady stream of newly generated audio recordings and various legal documents for cases and hearings. Listening to audio recordings repeatedly is a tedious and time-consuming task. Lacking the written document format could be the cause for missed information (or even misinformation). In an era where… Continue reading Why Your Law Firm Needs Legal Transcription Services

Why Scribie Is The Top Transcription Service

Scribie Top Transcription Service

What A Top Transcription Service Offers If you’ve ever found yourself in need of a transcription service, you know that by doing a Google search, you will see a lot of results. Just because there are many transcription services out there, doesn’t mean that they all match up to each other.

How to Use Scribie Conferencing Solution to Record and Transcribe WebEx Conference Calls

Some of you out there may utilize conference calls for work, business, or school. Depending on which program and company you use, it can be a little time consuming to record the calls, convert them into a format that is compatible for transcription and then upload them to be transcribed. That’s true with WebEx as… Continue reading How to Use Scribie Conferencing Solution to Record and Transcribe WebEx Conference Calls

Why Do We Still Need Humans For Transcribing Speech

So, how is Siri doing on your iPhone. Would you happily replace her with your secretary? Personally, I won’t, because there are just too many ‘misses’ and ‘trouble spots’ that I wouldn’t want in my business. The case is almost the same when you count upon software to transcribe your audio files instead of their… Continue reading Why Do We Still Need Humans For Transcribing Speech

How To Record Good Quality Audio To Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Nobody wants the words ‘inaudible’ interspersing the final transcribed script. Unfortunately, you will get a lot of it if the audio quality is not good enough. The good news is, this is easily preventable if you can ensure a good quality audio file. How? That’s pretty simple too! The first step is to have the… Continue reading How To Record Good Quality Audio To Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Career In Transcription Industry

Introduction to General Transcription: General Transcription could either be of an interview or a conference call or just a conversation or discussion on a certain topic. The topics can be varied and there is usually more than one speakers. Unlike medical transcription it does not require a formal training or a certification for the company. Skills… Continue reading Career In Transcription Industry

Affordable Transcription Service

Typing Keyboard Scribie

How to find affordable transcription services High quality and low cost don’t always go hand in hand. The rule is hardly different when you are looking for a transcription company. However, if you are working within a limited budget, you cannot overlook the cost factor. Since transcription is a high accuracy requirement, quality is of utmost importance too.… Continue reading Affordable Transcription Service

Educational Transcription Service

When you think of transcription services, who typically comes to mind as using their services? Doctors, assistants, researchers, but what about students? As a student, you may need to have lectures, notes, academic or research interviews, meetings, speeches, dissertations and a list of other things that need to be transcribed. Students who are working on… Continue reading Educational Transcription Service

Scribie: Interview Transcription for Philanthropic Purpose

Here is another interview with Dr Caldwell Esselstyn for the documentary about the brutality that animals face worldwide. Scribie is proud to associate itself with this noble cause. Start uploading you files here for quick and affordable transcription service.

Verbatim Transcription Services

Verbatim transcription is an in-depth and accurate transcription of an audio file. This means the transcription takes into account not only the spoken words, but also the various sounds, the non-verbal communications, and the likes. Needless to say that this type of transcription needs a keen ear and an immense attention to detail. Depending upon… Continue reading Verbatim Transcription Services