Announcing #Transcripts2020: Scribie’s Transcription Initiative for the 2020 Presidential Elections

Announcing #Transcripts2020: Scribie’s Transcription Initiative for the 2020 Presidential Elections

On this 4th of July 2019, we set out to commemorate the anniversary of the United States’ Declaration of Independence.

As the elections are approaching, be informed and exercise your right to vote.

Scribie is pleased to announce our #Transcripts2020 project. The upcoming US presidential elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and we want to help voter information become freely available.

Scribie’s #Transcripts2020 is a free transcription and social learning project.

We’re transcribing the presidential debates, as well as major speeches, and other prepared statements. Without any biased commentary, we provide the full transcript so you understand the complete context of what was said. And with all of our transcriptions, we maintain a 99% accuracy guarantee.

These transcripts are publicly available on Scribie’s blog and can be downloaded in various file formats as soon as the day after the event.

Also, in addition to #Transcripts2020’s transcription for the 2020 presidential elections, we want to help improve AI and speech recognition research. The entire bulk of the data set will be released to the public in open source MIT license once the elections are over.

We’re open sourcing the data set as our way of giving back to the community.

By the end of the elections, we expect to produce a data set with around 300 hours of content. You’ll be able to download the audio and text from Scribie’s #Transcripts2020 for your academic research or the advancement of machine learning and speech recognition.

Take note: Scribie does not endorse or condone any position regarding any political candidate, group, or cause. Our aim is to accurately transcribe historical facts and make these available for public record–free from partisanship and commentary.

Why We’re Doing #Transcripts2020

We are in the business of creating accurate records. In today’s age, when misinformation spreads faster than ever, our purpose has become more essential.

The upcoming 2020 presidential elections are a great opportunity for us to serve this purpose.

As a leading transcription service provider, flawless transcripts and fast turnaround time are the hallmarks of Scribie. So, we’re making important statements by 2020 presidential candidates more accessible to the public as a contribution towards social awareness and nation-building.

Scribie’s signature Four-Step Transcription Process guarantees superior quality word-for-word transcripts that are highly accurate, minimizing any chance of transcriptionist bias. We believe that it is our duty to ensure that the accuracy is superior and that the public receives the best possible transcript.

Most providers only have a single- or two-step process, which means transcription is determined by one or two individuals.

Scribie’s rigorous Four-Step Process, on the other hand, involves multiple QA specialists. This meritocratic quality assurance system ensures 99% or higher accuracy, reducing any chance of bias from individual transcribers.

The #Transcripts2020 initiative aids the flow of unadulterated information to U.S. citizens, academics, journalists, political analysts, historians, researchers, and the general public.

We believe this is important because many of today’s online resources, including leading publications, no longer offer the full transcript, instead, opting for out-of-context pull quotes which often change the original message.

You can check in on Scribie’s blog immediately after an event for a complete record. (We typically publish debate transcripts the day afterward.)

Use Scribie’s online resource to catch up on our blog or download your own text copy as a file for repurposing, writing a report, political analysis, voter information, or others.

Upcoming Events

Here are some of the upcoming events that we intend to transcribe.

There are six primary Democratic debates in 2019. In case you missed it, the first set of Democratic primary debates were held in June. (Transcripts for the June 26th and June 27th debates are now online.)

The next debates will be held on July 30th and 31st in Detroit, Michigan. On September 12-13 are the third democratic primary debates. The fourth, fifth, and sixth debates are scheduled on the succeeding months, October, November, and December.

We intend to publish the transcripts after the debates, notable speeches, and other prepared statements.

Advancing Machine Learning and AI

As the primaries continue, we’ll head the #Transcripts2020 project to provide you with transcripts of debates and other important prepared statements until the election.

After the completion of the project, we’ll release a free and open source dataset that compiles the associated audio and transcripts. This is to push forward the advancement of machine learning and academic research.

Through our #Transcripts2020 efforts, we’ll have approximately 300 hours of transcribed audio for machine learning purposes.

A decent, free data set of this proportion is hard to come by and should be extremely useful for researchers.

For the meantime, if you’re interested in a particular transcript, you can already download publicly available transcripts and audio files by clicking on the editor link.

Over to You

#Transcripts2020 will cover primary debates, speeches, major conferences, and other relevant prepared statements by election frontrunners according to polls.

For this initiative, we’re devoting up to 2% of Scribie’s operating capacity. While this is pro bono work, Scribie’s transcriptionist will be paid as usual. We want to provide our transcribers with a work environment that fosters their success and growth.

At this early stage, you can expect the mechanics of the #Transcripts2020 project to evolve. We welcome your support. You may reach out to us at if you have any feedback.

Stay up to date on #Transcripts2020: bookmark this page.

Why Is Transcription Important For Online Tutorials And E- Learning

Scribie Online Learning Transcriptions

Online Learning & Transcription

As the world is waking up to the immense possibilities of e-learning and online tutorials, transcription is witnessing a surge in popularity. This is largely due to the flexibility that transcription offers, which in turn facilitates the learning process. But why exactly are students banking on transcriptions while learning through online tutorials? Here are a few reasons:digital-learning

1. Easy comprehension

Having a transcript right in front of the eye helps students understand better while listening to an audio. The process engages a multi-sensory tutorial method, which is efficient especially in explaining complex subjects.

2. Great for students learning English as a second language

Many students from across the world are turning to the Internet to get a grip on the English language. Transcription in such cases has proven to be an effective learning aid. It lets the students, who are obviously not too familiar with the language, understand the words more clearly. Transcripts also help students keep up with the various accents of teachers and professors, which is not too uncommon among people hailing from the different parts of the world.

3. Helps students stay focused

Bite-sized information, including shorter videos enhanced with transcribed copies, is always more desirable when explaining concepts. Students find the highlighted texts in transcripts effective in holding their attention than the video alone would be able to.

4. Effective for students with poor Internet connectivity

Low Internet bandwidth is an issue that many students face. This is common with online learning as students hail from various corners of the world where Internet connectivity is not always available at the desired speed. It also allows the students the ability to read ahead even when the video is slow to load.

5.  Multiple usages

Apart from being used as subtitles to a video, transcriptions can be used in their own accord. In other words, depending upon their format, students can download and print transcribed documents and use them as study material.

There is little doubt that transcription is an important aspect of the e-learning process. But, it is not the students alone who benefit from it. Even the e-learning providers can help their online business by using the transcribed files to enhance their on-page SEO. This is applicable for all the material that they make available online. In case you are looking for assistance with your transcription, we can help. Start uploading files today and enjoy flawless transcription service delivered within budget and time.

How to Know You Have Chosen the Best Online Transcription Service


Don’t Take Chances On Transcription

There are many ways to hire a good online transcription service provider. Taking a chance on one should not be one of them. This is because of the nature of work that is involved. The files to be transcribed are often crucial information that has an important role to play in terms of research, business, and more.

So, how do you know that you have found the best online transcription service provider? There are some sure-shot ways to know.

Top Transcription Must-Haves

1. User-friendly interface

A clean and easy-to-navigate website is a pre-requisite. You should be able to move between the pages, check out the services that the company offers and place your order without much hassle. A clean website is a basic element any good service provider should have. It is also important because it gives you an idea of how serious the company is about their job. Most organizations know that a website is the first impression that they have on a prospective client’s mind. If they are not careful about doing their best in this area, chances are they won’t be mindful of doing a flawless job for you as well.

Clean UI

2. Secure and trusted payment

Scribie_PricingWhen you are placing an order online, you need to provide the details of your credit or debit card information. Needless to say that you should feel comfortable doing so. A trustworthy service provider will always be careful to make its website safe and secure. You should also be able to see all pricing details before you place any order. At Scribie, we provide a very detailed break-up of the rates and the pricing options so that there are no surprises later on and you have a very clear idea of the service you want to avail.

3. Relevant review tools

Wouldn’t it be great if you could check the progress of your transcription and ensure that it meets great quality standards? Nobody wants to feel as if the uploaded file has been sucked into a nameless black hole so that all you can do is wait eagerly until the final transcribed file arrives. We at Scribie understand that too well. That is why we offer the unique Integrated Editor (pictured below.) Our clients can use the various tools of this free editor to check the quality of the transcription whenever they want.



4. Free Re-reviews

A good transcription service provider will always have enough room to accommodate your suggestions. In other words, you re-reviewshould be able to ask for a re-review if you find the final transcribed file is lacking in quality. We at Scribie offer you one free re-review if you are not happy with the final file. You can also offer inputs and suggestions while asking for this re-review, which we will try our best to incorporate during the proofreading phase.


5. Testimonials and reviews

Client testimonials are one of the best parameters by which you can judge a company. Look for online reviews before you make up your mind. You can find the ones about us on Scribie’s homepage itself.



A good transcription service is an important first step that can have a far-reaching impact on your business. We at Scribie assure you of quality transcription delivered within the deadline. Start uploading your files now.


Educational Transcription Service

educational transcriptionWhen you think of transcription services, who typically comes to mind as using their services? Doctors, assistants, researchers, but what about students? As a student, you may need to have lectures, notes, academic or research interviews, meetings, speeches, dissertations and a list of other things that need to be transcribed.

Students who are working on dissertations spend hours gathering information, working on interviews, doing research and jotting down their own thoughts. That’s a lot of your time and effort put in over the course of the year and now it comes down to one dissertation.

Add in the varying ways and formats you may have your interviews and research and all of a sudden, the thought of putting it all into an understandable and useable format can be daunting. You’ve put hundreds of hours of work in and now you need to understand all of those interviews.

Imagine writing your dissertation and you remember something that an individual or yourself said that you want to put in your dissertation, but you can’t remember exactly what was said or where in all of your hours of notes it could be located. It could take a while just to find that information if you had to transcribe it all by yourself.

Why spend so much time trying to interpret your research and interview transcription when you could outsource it to a transcription service? Time you could be using studying, putting in finishing touches or even just taking a much needed and well deserved break!

By using a transcription service, you can have your dissertation notes and interviews in a format of your choosing with a quick turnaround. When you use Scribie’s transcription service, you get multiple and accented speakers included in our already low price. Plus, when you upload more than 20 hours, you get a 10% discount on your order. Perfect for students who are low on funds, but have a lot of data that needs to be sifted through.

With Scribie, you can keep tracker of speakers and utilise our one-of-a-kind Integrated Editor, just to name a few. Scribie lets you choose your turnaround time, your price and with 98% accuracy guarantee, you know that all of your treasured and valuable data is in safe hands. Consider using Scribie’s transcription service for your dissertation needs or any of your student needs and spend the time where it really matters.

Start uploading you files now and order!

Three Things To Look For In a Transcription Service Provider For Research

Market research has rightly evolved as an integral part of business strategy. Its scientific approach in understanding the volatile nature of the market is an attempt by companies to get some direction. Apart from gathering and analyzing information, market research also attempts to shed some light on the customer personality, spending habit, and location.

market researchNeedless to say that accuracy is key for market research to have any value. And that is also one of the first things that you should look for in a transcription company that you hire for transcribing your research material. What should be the other pointers? Read on to find out.

Timeliness: Respecting deadlines is important, no matter what you do. It might become crucial for things that are deadline-driven. Apparently, the process of market research is a long one and it might seem that fast turnaround of transcription is not super-important. But you may be mistaken. Depending upon the stage of the research a fast transcription might be indispensable. For instance, if a particular product is near completion, the business might want to get the market research result in real time rather than wait for weeks for the final report. In such challenging situation, time is of utmost importance.

Quality: This goes hand in hand with accuracy. Look for a transcription service that offers quality check at every step. At Scribie, we do. It is also important that the transcribers have a keen ear that is able to distinguish the voices of various speakers, especially in group interviews, and understand the different accents. Sometimes, quality of the conference calls becomes a challenging issue. Poor quality calls can have serious impact on the final transcription. At Scribie, we provide teleconferencing and phone call recording facility along with transcription service. All you need to do is book a call. No more uploading files and sending it for transcription. All these will be done automatically.

Confidentiality: Market research often involves sensitive data, information that you cannot afford to lose or share. Your transcription service provider must respect that. At Scribie, we have a strict confidentiality policy for all our services, so that our customers can count on us every time.

If you are looking for transcription for your market research, let us know. We have a user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to upload files and a responsive customer care service that is ready to help you 24×7.

Upload your files now!