What Is Trending In Audio Conferencing?

Audio-Conferencing2015 promises to be a year of audio conferencing as it is the best method of collaborating ahead of emails and voice calls. Audio conferencing is widely used by companies to connect with people who are at distant location. It’s a great tool for companies as it connects them to their offshore locations. It reduces cost with efficient connectivity.

Today audio conferencing has a partner named as transcription. Audio conferencing with transcription becomes a great tool for companies. Transcription gives you a report of what all has happened in conference. Audio conferencing is still the critical piece of communication even in age of web conferencing. Audio conferencing is incredibly easy to use, more accessible than video and cost-effective. And because it’s so convenient, conference calls enable faster collaboration, urgent decision-making and immediate problem-solving.

Trends in Audio Conferencing

Good audio quality

With passing time audio conferencing has evolved a lot. Companies who provide audio conferencing has good infrastructure and are technology enabled. Now lot of IT companies also has latest equipment to support conferences. It is possible to attain noise free recordings. Recording off-the-wire is a much better and safer way. It is done on the server side. The recorded file sounds exactly as the actual call without any artifacts. If the quality is not great you may end up with a distorted file. Getting the transcripts of such recording might be difficult. At Scribie, we provide such great offerings for our esteemed clients.

Going Digital

The world is going digital. People are digitally connected with each other. Audio conferencing and transcriptions both can be booked and ordered online. Conference call transcripts are vital for many companies who want to analyse every meeting.  People need quick and efficient conferencing with transcription services. Digital presence is must to survive in this cut throat competition. Service providers are making the entire process on web and access it online with payment options as well. Future is virtual and online.

International presence

Boundaries are not defined now. You sit across one corner and connect to another. This is why a lot of calls are from every corner of world. Every company wants to be global and this is why there is wide scope in audio conferencing. Audio conferencing with transcription offers great opportunity for top management to look out for flaws and improvise their system.

Integrated conferencing

Just audio conferencing might not do well, until integrated with additional services like transcription service. They can be marvellous for your business. Audio transcription is well integrated with use of internet where one can upload their audio or video conference and get the transcripts ready within turnaround time. Companies like Scribie have a separate team to review their transcripts to maintain accuracy of results.

Rich user experience

Customer is king for whom user experience matters the most. The kind of platform service provider use, for audio conferencing with the tools and infrastructure has to be latest and technology enabled. The interface should be interactive and easy to understand. With Scribie, you can get the the conference call set up, recorded and four stage transcription done all at flat prices. With digital age, customers expect a glitch free conferencing with easy subscription for additional services.

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Teleconferencing Integrated with Transcription: Backward Integration

“Scribie is paving the way and setting industry trends through backward integration.”teleconferencing and transcription service

This is a Global Era where each company has their global presence and mostly works offshore. With this there comes the need of a tool which can help corporates in communicating and planning strategically beyond the boundaries which is teleconferencing. This not only saves time and cost but also makes it more feasible to conduct such meetings. We know while we teleconference there are lot of problems that occurs like issues related to connection, numbers of steps involved, speaking order and clarity of speech. To cure all such issues there is a new way of teleconferencing which is with Scribie. Scribie is one great platform that enables you to do teleconferencing with transcription. This is a new and an amazing way of teleconferencing as it will give you plethora of benefits. The bucket of benefits with Scribie includes the following:

  • Because it is automated, it is highly convenient for customers as it reduces the number of steps like download and upload recorded file and order the transcripts. It makes entire process hassle free.
  • Improves audio quality, lets everyone listen easily and enables good transcription.
  • Recording is done off the wire that gives flawless quality and accuracy in transcription.
  • Scribie has entire team that does transcription, review, proof reading and quality check to ensure best results.
  • Scribie makes teleconferencing so easy and flexible plus affordable that once anyone who use it will definitely suggest others.
  • Scribie also provides unmatched features like free recording services, review and edit transcripts. One can see the progress of transcripts as well.
  • Each transcript is checked by four or more people just to make sure it is more than 98% accurate.
  • The entire team of Scribie is highly responsive and responsible. Every work is taken confidentially to ensure data safety.

Scribie has opened the doors of teleconferencing which is reliable and highly affordable.

So don’t just do teleconferencing, Use Scribie.

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Advantages Of Recording The Phone Call Interviews Off The Wire

Phone Call RecordingThe ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. The quality of the recording becomes especially important if you want to get it transcribed. Traditionally external recorders and speakers have been used to record the call, but if you want to get these calls transcribed, recording off the wire is the best way to ensure good quality. Following are the advantages of recording phone call interviews off the wire

  • Recording a phone call or a teleconference should be done directly, or off the wire, as we say. Using an external device, like a digital recorder, usually results in a sub standard recording.
  • The audio input levels of the recording are not the same. A recording is usually made by the interviewer for later review. In a case like this, the interviewer’s voice will be louder and clearer than that of the interviewee. Seeing that the aim of the interview is to determine what the interviewee has to say, it is very important that his or her input is clear. This is one reason why an off the wire recording is preferred to using an external recording device.
  • An external recording device is also more likely to capture ambient and background noise. Offices can be noisy. The recording may be unclear because of telephones ringing in the background. Even the keystrokes of the interviewer making notes during the interview can negatively influence an external recording.
  • There are also a few technical factors that one should consider when it comes to making recordings of a telephone call. Recorders generally use a sample rate of 44.1 KHz and a bit rate of 128 Kbps. Telephones on the other hand, generally sample at a rate of 8 KHz with a bit rate of 64 kilo bits per second. As you can see these values differ. This means that distortion is very definite possibility due to the extra encoding that takes place.
  • The size of an externally recorded digital file will also be much larger than an off the line recording.

If you are looking for a good quality phone call recording service and need the call to be transcribed, you can use Scribie’s recently launched phone call and teleconference call recording service integrated with its transcription service. The recording is done off the wire and it is free for its customers. The charges will be only for the transcriptions. Please check the link below for more details.


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