Disruption: Pioneering The Transcription Industry

Transcription Can Be Hard Here at Scribie, we’ve been pushing the limits in comparison to the traditional transcription industry. For better or worse, our business model is gaining momentum and causing a major shift in the way people and businesses view transcriptions. Let’s take a look at the difference: The traditional model… High cost —… Continue reading Disruption: Pioneering The Transcription Industry

On Customer Service

Thanks to Andy for making our day. He ran into some issues with an important podcast and but we managed to salvage his recording. Here’s his post about it. http://www.speakersite.com/profiles/blogs/great-customer-service-trumps Call Graph is still a beta software and things can go wrong once in a while. It has however been designed in a way that… Continue reading On Customer Service

Recording And More..

So what after the recording. You are obviously recording the call with some purpose. Our web service, CRIMS which stands for Call Recording Indexing and Management, provides you with several options once you are done with the recording. I’ll briefly go over the things you can do with CRIMS in this article. Registering: You need… Continue reading Recording And More..