Beginner Transcriber Guide and Quick Tips

If you are new to transcription, consider this your quick start guide.  You’ll find a few tips in this concise guide to get you off on the right foot for you transcription career. Continue reading “Beginner Transcriber Guide and Quick Tips”

Adding Subtitles to Your Videos is No Longer Optional

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Transcription and Subtitles in 2017

If you’re reading this, you may be asking yourself why should I bother to add subtitles to my videos? They are just videos after all; a visual aid. It’s simple to just watch the video, get the information or content in that manner and go about your merry way. Well, it isn’t that simple. In this day and age, it’s vital to add subtitles to your videos. Let’s discuss a few reasons why. Continue reading “Adding Subtitles to Your Videos is No Longer Optional”

How can a small business use transcription services?

Small Business Transcription Services Scribie

Helping Small Businesses Compete

Times are changing… As you’ve noticed, the world is becoming more digital. This is especially apparent in the business world. Instead of software, now a lot of the biggest applications are accessed through websites.

This can be daunting for a business owner who isn’t constantly keeping up with the times. Don’t worry — with the right information, it’s easier than you think to level the playing field. Continue reading “How can a small business use transcription services?”

Why Have An In-House Team When You Can Outsource It

Corporate-Benefits-of-Transcription-servicesTranscription services provide information which is the fuel for business and can take it to great heights of success. Transcription act as a business tool these days as it enable businesses to take strategic and business decisions. Transcription is not just an art of converting audio & video files, it is much more than that. Many companies try to have an edge over other companies by using transcription reports and analysis. They tend to incorporate an in-house team as well for transcription.

When companies start in-house transcription services they face a lot of difficulty and have to bear the set up cost, cost of hiring people who are skilled and have good listening abilities. Some companies are of the opinion that such decisions serve you good returns for a long run and outsourcing makes sense only when the projects are smaller or scarce. However, statistically outsourcing can offer many advantages even for longer or regular projects both for companies as well as individuals.

  • Think of outsourcing transcription and think of reduced capital investments, expenses and overheads, resulting in significant savings and increased profitability. Profitability act like a wheel to run the company which can’t be ignored.
  • Transcription service requires specialised skills, proficient manpower and by outsourcing to transcription agencies whose core area is just transcription, will assure better quality and results. They are the ones who guarantee the best results.
  • Organisations for e.g market research firms or subtitling agencies can outsource transcription services and focus themselves on their core area, be it research or captioning.
  • Outsourcing transcription work also reduces the burden on company’s I.T department, in terms of maintenance of software, transcribers might use or just the staffing cost.
  • Most agencies who provide transcription services also provide many additional services like 24 x7 x 365 customer care support, various TAT options with different rates to suit ones pocket.
  • When major professionals or individuals e.g journalist started doing it themselves they get frustrated, as it is not easy to transcribe especially if the audio is noisy or with lot of disturbance. It takes a lot of their effort and time which they could have utilised in their actual work. Outsourcing takes away pain from them.

At Scribie, we are here to shoulder your burden of transcribing, throw your work at us and we will present it in most comprehensive manner and best quality within your time lines and budget.

Please send a mail to for any queries or you can chat with us directly.

Business Podcasting: Are Transcriptions REALLY Worth It?


Podcast Transcription

Two Birds With One Stone


Podcasting has grown to be one of the hottest marketing trends. It makes sense why this relatively new form of content is making such a buzz. It allows business owners (and bloggers/brands) to demonstrate their voice and build relationships with listeners.

podcast headset

If you’re a business or solo-entrepreneur trying to make the most of your podcast, the topic of  transcription services has probably come up. This is a tricky subject because podcasting is normally seen as a “free” channel of marketing. On one hand, most people don’t want to turn podcasting into a “paid” channel.

First off, here’s why that assumption doesn’t hold up:

  1. Podcasting requires your time… for most marketers/business owners, this is going to be your most valuable asset in the long-run.
  2. Podcasting benefits from your own social media promotion along with any organic visitors that come in from search engines (in many cases, companies will spend money on advertising their podcast to kickstart the growth)

Essentially, podcasting may seem like a “free” initiative, but in reality, you have to pay for it in some currency.

Here’s where audio transcriptions come into play:

Think about the business goal of your podcast — Are you trying to drive more traffic to your website, blog, landing page? Then there is a specific monetary benefit from maximizing your podcast’s viewership.

More listeners on your podcast = more leads, signups, sales. It’s as simple as that.

For this reason, you need to treat the podcast just like your website or any other branch of online marketing for your business. Transcribing the audio from your podcasts and making it available on your website is a huge piece of this.

Check out just a few of the huge benefits of getting a transcription for each of your podcast episodes:

  • Convenience for the listeners — Sometimes your listeners don’t have an hour to sit down and listen to the podcast… in this case, having a transcription allows them to skim through to the important parts or copy and paste the info they were looking for.
  • Added benefit for search engine optimization — Currently, search engine “crawlers” cannot understand audio content… so they aren’t going to index and value your podcast episode the same way as a blog post. For this reason, the transcription acts like a textual map of the content on the page. More indexing, more ‘searchability’, more traffic.
  • No headphones… what do I do? — What if your listener is in a place where audio can’t be played… a waiting room perhaps and doesn’t have headphones? Most people aren’t going to bookmark the page and come back hours later to play it. This is why audio transcriptions can help get the message across to previously lost traffic.

Having a transcription done for your podcast might seem like a complicated question… but it really comes down to your business goals.

Do you really NEED to get the most views from each podcast episode? Do you really WANT to make the most of your time?

Remember that you’re dedicating hours upon hours into podcasting to craft quality content for your listeners… now take the final step and make sure that everyone can find your podcast so they can benefit from it.