Dropbox Importer

Dropbox Importer

Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service and it’s not surprising therefore that many customers have asked for the ability to import files directly from Dropbox to their Scribie.com account for transcription. We have now added Dropbox Importer to our uploader. Visit the following link to try it out.


The first step is to connect to your Dropbox account and authorize Scribie Uploader to access your files. After authorization, the uploader will search for supported audio/video files and present a list of the files found. You can then select the files which and upload them to your Scribie.com account. Once uploaded, you can place the transcript order. The authorization step has to be performed only once and the Dropbox account will stay connected till you logout from your Scribie.com account or manually disconnect it.

Along with this update, we have also revamped our file uploader. We have added support for Drag and Drop which is supported in HTML5 browsers. Visit the following link with the latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome to try it out.


For the best performance we recommend latest version of Google Chrome.

We are planning to add importers for Google Drive and Box.net soon. If you want your favorite online storage service then please leave us a comment. We’ll work on adding support for that.

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