The Best Way to Maximize Seminars: Transcribe and Share [How-Tos & Benefits]

The Best Way to Maximize Seminars: Transcribe and Share [How-Tos & Benefits]

At one point in your life, you’ve likely attended a seminar or conference as a professional or representative of your company.

Another good possibility is that you’ve planned company seminars or events. Perhaps, you’ve even experienced participating as a speaker.

Whether you’re a seminar attendee, event organizer, or guest speaker, you’ll want to make the most of an important seminar….

It’s unfortunate if the date of your seminar on the calendar comes and goes without creating an impact for you, your stakeholders, employees, team, or audience.

Have you thought about recording your upcoming seminars?

How you can maximize any seminar (conferences, trade shows, team building events, product launches, or other important company events) is as easy as hitting the record button, and then transcribing it later.

Personally, I’m an avid fan of note-taking, and I frequently explore different ways to efficiently take notes and optimize event and seminar note-taking. Manually recording events and occasionally incorporating illustrations can be fun and creative.

Recently, though, I’ve been suggesting seminar transcription services to colleagues to fully appreciate and maximize the valuable content and insights provided during seminars.

Here is a rundown of benefits for seminar transcription:

  • Easier to consume and share
  • Useful for training and academic presentations
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Archive the content
  • More discoverable and searchable

Let’s explore how participants can stay present, while fully recording seminars.

Learn how you and your company can save time, money, and other investments (such as in employee training and development) through seminar transcription services.

Maximize the Event: Recording While Staying Present

Going home without any sort of record of the seminar can be wasteful.

Organizers and speakers take the time and put plenty of effort into putting together a great event for eventgoers. Many of those involved, however, tend to neglect what comes afterward.

Without photographs, videos, audio recordings, written records, or even knowledge shared to those outside of the event, it’s almost as if it never happened!

After all, particularly during this digital age of short attention spans, memories can be fleeting. Many of us absorb crucial and valuable knowledge more fully through consistent exposure in various formats.

But how exactly do we maximize seminars through recording and distribution

You’re probably thinking that recording while trying to be mindfully present during the seminar is a lot.…‘I simply don’t have the time to plan and incorporate an extensive seminar recording and content distribution strategy into my workflow right now’.

Recording seminars is actually an easy, one-step solution. (Maybe, two or three.)

However, if you have a seminar coming up soon, all you really must think about for the meantime is the first step: Record audio or video.

Step 1. Press record on your recording device.

Step 2. Be present.

Step 3. Outsource seminar transcription services.

Afterward, you can process the transcriptions, share, expand on ideas, and repurpose the text for consuming and distributing at your own pace.

Seminar Transcription: Grow While Saving Time, Money, and Effort

Whether your goal is to learn and grow as an individual, business, or team, producing seminar transcriptions save time, money, and effort.

Other ways you may grow include more traffic, revenue, and/or clients.

Here’s how seminar transcriptions help with growth.

Get complete and accurate information.

Don’t miss a thing during seminars. Seminar transcriptions by Scribie can be trusted to completely and accurately transcribe your seminar’s content. Get the complete context with every word spoken by speakers fully transcribed into text.

Text copies are scannable.

Seminar transcriptions are faster and easier to digest, follow, and access.

Seminar transcripts are easier to distribute.

Share transcripts online to reach a wider audience, increase Google ranking through SEO, and establish thought leadership as an individual, business, or enterprise.

Convert and repurpose them later.

A seminar transcript is a gift that keeps on giving. Reformat transcripts in various ways for internal or external communications and data. Publish texts as a research paper or ebook, turn into an infographic or other type of visual content, use as a report, create captions, or translate into other languages.

Save on training and development.

Share essential knowledge from the seminar to teammates, managers, and employees. Educate others through reports or presentations without investing heavily in training and development.

Distribute to the media and other stakeholders.

Edit the seminar transcription to present and forward to media and other external stakeholders.

Use for marketing.

Share a record of your event with the aid of text copies of your seminar. Repurpose them to promote your products, services, or initiatives. For example, create promo videos based on your recordings and transcripts.

Why Outsource Seminar Transcription Services

Transcriptions can be hard work and time-consuming. You want to delegate predictable tasks and invest your you and your team’s resources on your strengths, decision making, and creative efforts.

There are more reasons why businesses, agencies, event managers, and attendees should outsource seminar transcription services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Transcription

  • Higher Accuracy and Reliability
  • Lower Cost
  • Increase Availability and Bandwidth
  • Higher Productivity
  • Faster Turnaround
  • More Focus on Important Tasks

When you outsource seminar transcription services, you can take advantage of the transcription service provider’s availability.

For instance, Scribie’s specialists in transcription live across different time zones. This available means you can maximize days and be more productive, even as you and your team end your work day.

Most importantly, handing off transcription ensures that your text copy is complete and accurate. A number of industries critically need transcriptions that are error-free.

Nowadays, it’s important for any business to manage risks and foresee potential complications in this reactive society.

An error-free and superior quality transcript ensures that information shared in seminars are faithfully and accurately reproduced through text.

Scribie is the most complete and precise transcription service with an accuracy rate of 99%. We use an exclusively formulated, rigorous Four-Step QA Process to ensure the highest accuracy, quality, and privacy for customers.

Need a seminar transcription soon? Go on Scribie to order seminar transcription services online for your business.

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