CallGraph Retirement

Skype recently announced the retirement of it’s Desktop API by December 2013. CallGraph Skype Recorder is built on the Skype Desktop API and depends upon it to function. Without the Skype Desktop API CallGraph Skype Recorder will cease to function. It is very unfortunate, but we will be forced to retire CallGraph Skype API along with… Continue reading CallGraph Retirement

Call Graph Recorder: Version

New Features/Enhancements Ability to set the timestamp format in the file name. There are 9 presets available. The toolbar and icons have been redone. Better graphics and looks. The system tray icon now has a indicators for recording and Skype authorization. New option in popup menu which shows the last notification message. Bug Fixes The… Continue reading Call Graph Recorder: Version

Major Release, Client Version

New Features Skype 4 Echo Issue: A new option to remove Near End Echo when using Call Graph with Skype 4. Thanks to everyone who tested the workaround! Skype Link Error Detection: If no data is being received from Skype during the recording then the recording is stopped an an error notification is displayed. Default… Continue reading Major Release, Client Version