How To Review Transcripts In Five Easy Steps

Scribie Proofreading Accuracy

Checking transcripts after your file has been transcribed and delivered can an arduous task. You have to go through the transcript and match it with the audio file. Theoretically it should as long as the duration of the file, provided the transcript is 100% accurate. However in practice it takes around twice the duration of the… Continue reading How To Review Transcripts In Five Easy Steps

Term & Phrase Analysis

We recently updated the Terms and Phrase analysis tool in the Editor. In this post, we’ll illustrate how to use it to spot potential mistakes in the transcript. The analysis is based on the fact that around 20% of the terms and phrases in any given transcript are new and the rest already appear in the… Continue reading Term & Phrase Analysis

The Integrated Editor

The Integrated Editor is a text editor which is tightly coupled with the audio file of a transcript for easy cross-referencing. We use this tool internally for Proofreading and QC. Today we are releasing this tool for our customers as well. The editor can be launched from the Check & Download button on the Recordings… Continue reading The Integrated Editor