Major Release: version

This is a release which took some time to roll out, but its finally done now. The biggest change is that the Browser UI is completely gone. It has been replaced with the XUL based UI. Now the recordings and configuration pages will open in their own window instead of the default browser. The old minimal interface is still there.

The other things that went into this release are as follows.

The automatic update process has been changed and its now completely silent. No intervention required.

A crash when a recording is started before the last call was finished recording. This should work now.

A big red warning when CG is not connected to Skype and recording is started. A much requested feature.

Rearrangement of the items in popup menu. The feedback option is gone now.

A bug was fixed in Pause recording.

Skype version is now checked at initialization time. If its lower than 3.2, CG gives a warning and exits.

Another bug fixed in stop recording where the temporary file was being copied instead of being renamed.

Lastly, the toolbar has been revamped. It should now look and act better than before. 🙂

Please update now.

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