Known Issues v1.2.1.1

Known Issues v1.2.1.1

  • On some setups starting the recording mutes the callers voices. To prevent this turn off the Near End EC option from configuration -> advanced tab.
  • Exiting Call Graph just after the recording is finished or in between the recording might cause a crash. The files are however saved and the call is restored.
  • When playing back voicemails Call Graph gives a false notification that the call is being recorded.
  • MP3 conversion of files which have apostrophes in their name fails. For a workaround remove the apostrophe from the name.

We’ll be adding to this as we discover more. Please let us know if you find one.


All the above issues have been resolved in version Please upgrade now.

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  1. Hello,

    I couldn’t use the earlier versions of Callgraph because of bugs, and this one is much better in the areas of recording quality and timings, but when it is running this program prevents my BT earpiece from going into powersave mode, therefore draining the battery super quick. So with this one I will have to run the program only when I know I need to make a recording….

  2. I am getting significant echo in my recordings of the other party’s side of the conversation any suggestions?

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