Known Issues v1.3.0.0

Here’s the list of know issues for CallGraph Skype Recorder version

  • If back to back calls are made/received from Skype then the second call may not be correctly recorded. The recording file for the second call does not contain the audio the second call, but the first call. This happens only in few cases. To prevent this from happening please ensure that there is at least 30 second gap between the end of the first call and start of the second.

We have been chasing this issue but have not been able to reproduce it at our end. If you have faced it, then it will be a big help if you can enable logging from configuration -> general tab, reproduce the issue and send us the log file. Thanks!

We will keep on adding to this list as we discover issues. Please report any issues you face with CallGraph Skype recorder to Thanks in advance.


  • Kashiratama says:

    When I start up Callgrapgh, it shows up in my task manager’s processes tab, but it doesn’t actually come up as a window.

  • Rajiv says:

    It should come up as an icon in the system tray. Like the following image.

    If you start it twice the toolbar window should show up.

  • robert says:

    The latest Windows Update contains KB2272691. On my Windows7 64-bit system after the update, the sound volume of my headset went way down after CallGraph was loaded. The microphone volume was ok. After uninstalling KB2272691, everything was back to normal. The sound volume was the same, whether it was loaded or not.

  • hamilton says:

    I keep getting a skype message every few seconds (another app is attempting to access skype — callgraph,exe — but we are unable to respond. please try to restart the app.). I have callgraph “allowed to use” in the manage api access control panel on skype. And I restart callgraph. please help.

  • Rajiv says:

    Please try starting CallGraph 15 minutes after Skype. That would give Skype some time to settle down and respond to CallGraph properly.

  • RandyL says:

    Have same problem on two windows seven PCs. One is 64 bit and the other is 32. Another application ( Callgraph) is attempting to >>>>. Anyway, it has been registered as an API but still not working. the callgraph window says that it is waiting for Skype. No time to fool with this issue so going to another app. when a concrete solution is found i may switch back.

  • Luisa says:

    Normally my callgraph is not open, but skype still says that an application is attempting to access. I don’t know how to quit Callgraph!

  • Rajiv says:

    Right click on the CallGraph system tray icon and choose exit from the popup menu

  • Mark says:

    Seems I can’t launch the browser. A window popup titled “XULRunner”

    Error: Platform version ‘5.0.1’ is not compatible with
    minVersion >= 1.8
    maxVersion <=2.0.*

    I have Fx 5.0, soon to be installing the newly released 6.0

  • Rajiv says:

    Please try the solution mentioned the following post.

  • Theo says:

    Hey guys,
    I just experienced a strange behaviour which I couldn’t explain.

    I yesterday installed callgraph, authorized it in skype and test-recorded some skype test calls. It was all perfectlyworking.

    This morning I had a skype interview I wanted to record. I started skype, started call graph, started the call and started to record the call. The two bars in the callgraph window were bumping around in green. So I expected the call to be recorded. It lasted 45min. I then stopped the recording. The “Recording finished” information comes in the ground of the call graph window and also this pop up message came “Record finished. Untitled 09 50 AM….”. If I click to open it, my folder pops up and I can’t find the recorded interview, I just can see the test calls from yesterday. I have about 150 GB of disk space. The folder is correctly set. The authorization is still given in Skype. I checked everything I am aware of. I don’t see where I could have made a mistake. I unfortunatly didn’t enable the logging. I can’t find neither a mp3 nor a wav file in the folder.
    So, the only thing which changed compared to the situation yesterday is that I started the PC this morning.

    I will test it later in the day and provide a log if it happens again.

  • Theo says:

    Hey guys,
    I found the error and it might be of interest for you:
    Since I installed some programs yesterday to test which is best for skype recording, I de-installed them afterwards since I chose your software. In this operation I also de-installed the MS C++ Redistributable your program comes along with. I get no error message at all.
    After I re-installed your call graph software and also the C++ redistributable it worked perfectly. I would like to have an error message here, that the c++ redis is missing.

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