Maximize Online Market Research Interviews with Transcripts

As working from home is encouraged or mandated, market research processes adapt as well.

In-person interviews and focused group discussions are out of the question for the most part. However, thanks to video conferencing platforms, research interviews, and FGDs can continue.

Let’s explore the role of transcripts in making the most out of your online calls.

Evolving behaviors and the importance of online market research

Suzin Wold of MarketingWeek suggests that buyers are shifting their focus from needs to wants. Getting used to staying at home means you want to do something to kill boredom.

Another piece by Insights Association’s Michael Dolenko states that these changes urge businesses to adapt.

As he puts it:

 People actually want to provide input. Let’s face it, we are always “bothering” customers when we ask them for input on new product ideas or messaging approaches. However, in stressful times like this, we are actually seeing increasing interest in participating in research studies.

To add to that, he notes these changes too:

  • Changing work circumstances = increased availability
  • Need for connection and distraction
  • A need to be heard

Your audience is more available to give their opinions to improve your business. Isn’t it time to book more interview calls?

Data gathering while distancing

While in-person data gathering is out of the question indefinitely, Zoom, Skype, and other video-conferencing platforms are here to save the day. You can continue on with your market research, albeit online.

These online calling tools are more compelling than ever due to their lower cost, market adoption, and recording features.

As a result, you will want to conduct research through these popular platforms whenever available.

After your interview, you ought to make the most out of the conversation. Look for ways to maximize your audio file.

The value of transcribing your online interviews

As a trusted transcription service provider for over 10 years now. We are familiar with the value of transcription for market research.

Record keeping is an important part of qualitative research. You understand the importance of taking notes and recording interview conversations.

With accurate transcripts, you get a written version of the whole conversation, making it easy to keep records and perform further analysis.

You want to prioritize highly accurate transcripts in order to faithfully interpret the research conversation. No room for errors. Incorrectly capturing information like numbers or names will render your research counter-productive.

To add to that, transcription saves you a lot of time from going through calls by having a file that is easy to skim through. You can simply ctrl + f when looking for bits you need.

Getting high accuracy transcripts with Scribie

When looking for a transcription service, what are you looking for? Price, accuracy, or something else? In fact, why not go for low-cost or free automated services?

While there’s a place for automated transcripts, they lack the accuracy or service level agreements that come with professional transcription services.

You’re investing in qualitative research by recruiting the right respondents, asking the right questions, performing deep analysis, and more. You invest as this process will inform critical business decisions. It’s likely that you’ll prefer a more accurate transcription service to aid your research.

Considering to perform the transcription work in-house? Perhaps, you may simply do it yourself or assign it to another teammate? 

Transcription is a tedious and time-consuming responsibility. You’ll want to work with specialists instead of moonlighting as a transcriptionist, helping you focus on your core duties.

Due to how important these market research files are, you will want these three qualities present when looking for a transcription service: timeliness, quality, and confidentiality.

We at Scribie are dedicated to delivering the best transcription service. As such you can be sure that we will deliver those three things to you when transcribing your market research.

Over to you

We understand the value of market research, which is especially relevant in a time like this. Due to various trends affected by the pandemic, it is especially critical for businesses to keep a finger on the pulse.

Make the most out of your online interviews. Without the need for special equipment, record the conversations, and generate written copies that will be easy to review and distribute.

Give our market research transcription services a shot. Upload your interview audio file today.

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