When YouTube Captions Go Wrong

Human Transcription > Computer Transcription Have you ever used Google Voice’s visual voicemail option? How about YouTube’s closed captioning service? If so, you’ve probably encountered a wildly inaccurate and hilarious transcript. Rhett McLaughlin and James Lincoln, the comedy duo behind Rhett & Link, used this amusing side effect and turned it into a series of… Continue reading When YouTube Captions Go Wrong

Video Transcription For Subtitling

Subtitling or captioning is an important aspect of an audio-visual experience. It helps your content reach a wider audience, especially people who are not familiar with the language or are hard of hearing. If you are an online marketer, transcripts or subtitles have a very important role to play from SEO point of view as… Continue reading Video Transcription For Subtitling

A Lot Can Happen With Transcription – Captioning/Subtitling

Transcription has provided numerous benefits to companies. What is beyond its advantages is that transcription can act as an add-on to various other things. We are talking about captioning/subtitles. We all know transcription is a process of documenting. It could be either for video or audio transcription. The world has gone completely digital. Every person is carrying their… Continue reading A Lot Can Happen With Transcription – Captioning/Subtitling