Free Podcast Transcript: Story in a Bottle

Elizabeth Osder – Story in a Bottle

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English Podcast And Transcription

Most Internet marketers would agree that podcasts are a goldmine that’s waiting to be explored. For the uninitiated, podcasting refers to a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. A user can download the podcasts and listen to them whenever he or she wishes. However, the secret to turning these audio files into a potential moneymaking machine begins with having them transcribed, but that is not all. Transcription plays a very vital part in expanding the audience reach of a podcast and in improving the SEO. Wondering how? Keep reading!

  • Transcription helps in reaching people who cannot listen to the podcast. This includes not only the hearing impaired but also those who do not have proper audio facilities on their computer or those who must keep the volume low or turn it off.
  •  Sometimes transcriptions help in better understanding the content. This is because when a person is reading the content while listening to it, the idea gets doubly clear.
  • There are many people who prefer reading more than listening. A transcribed podcast is more than welcome to them.
  • Transcriptions give you the freedom to create a document with clickable links if you want to. This helps in directing your user to all the websites that you want them to visit.
  • Transcription boosts SEO by using searchable keywords. Since Google cannot index audio or video files, transcription is the way to go. This helps to make your content easy to search, share, and market, finally leading to an improved page ranking.
  • You can easily package the content of a podcast into articles, blogs, newsletters, or even e-books. Marketing your own content is becoming a very appealing trend among online marketers and transcription is surely the way forward.

The benefits of transcribing your podcasts are many, and the good news is, you don’t have to do it by yourself. Our team of experts can get it done for you in no time. So why not give it a try? Enjoy your first FREE podcast transcription at Scribie today!

Free Podcast Transcript: Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast

We are happy to present another Free Podcast Transcript: Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast, Episode 49 titled American Atheist Convention 2015. We transcribe podcasts free of charge for the benefit of the community. You can learn more about our Free Podcast Transcription program at the following link.

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0:00:02 Speaker 1: I don’t know. Say it with me. “I don’t know!” Good God, it is liberating! I am a towering mountain of ignorance! I don’t know! We’re taught to believe that everything has a reason. And so we observed the world, we see what happened, and then we defined the thing that happened as the reason the thing happened. But I think a lot of the time, we end up mixing up thinking something with knowing something. This is why it can be so impossible to talk about certain topics with certain people. Continue reading “Free Podcast Transcript: Everyone’s Agnostic Podcast”

Free Podcast Transcript: Football Is America

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0:00:50 Ron: Hey everyone, this is Ron from Football is America, and we are inviting you to check out our website,, catch up on all the shows and interviews right there. Continue reading “Free Podcast Transcript: Football Is America”

Free Podcast Transcript: TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt

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TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt.doc

TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt.pdf

TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt.odt

TAGP137 Ted Coine Mark Babbitt.txt

00:01 Sean Wycliffe: Hi, my name is Sean Wycliffe, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Dealflicks, and you’re listening to the App Guy Podcast.

00:10 Speaker 2: The App Guy Podcast. Straight from your host, Paul, the App Guy. Sharing his app entrepreneur journey with you for your enjoyment. The App Guy Podcast. And now, Paul, the App Guy.

00:36 Paul Kemp: You’re listening to another episode of the App Guy Podcast. I’m your host, it’s Paul Kemp, and I am here to serve you and bring you some of the best guests I can find who will help you develop your business, help you with your app world, whatever that maybe. So, we often talk to a lot of individuals, but today, I really wanted to focus on social because I have managed to get the attention of two of the co-authors of a book called, A World Gone Social. This is a fascinating journey. I recommend you go and search for it now. All recommended good book stores and Amazon. If you look at it, you’ll see that the co-authors are Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt. Ted, Mark, welcome to the App Guy Podcast.


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Free Podcast Transcript: BoomersPlusRadio – Show 3

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BoomersPlusRadio – Show 3.txt

00:01 Speaker 1: Welcome to another broadcast of Boomers Plus Radio, the Internet program that serves your generation. You may be part of the lucky few generation, a baby boomer, or a child of generation X. But Boomers Plus Radio wants to bring you the memories of old, the events and problems of today and of the world to come. And this, we’ll do using correspondents located throughout Central Florida and The Villages, as well as with our associates at And if you or your organization have an event or a story that our audience would appreciate, don’t forget to let us know by emailing us. Your announcer today is Don Howard.

00:50 Mark Newhouse: Welcome to Boomers Plus Radio: Adult Spoken Here, and I’m your host, Mark H. Newhouse, the author of “How To Sell Your Books Checklist” and this is our co-host, the very charming Lois Podoshen. How are you, Lois?

01:03 Lois Podoshen: I’m fine, thank you.


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Free Podcast Transcript: FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG

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FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.txt

FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.doc

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FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.pdf

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00:01 Speaker 1: You are listening to TheFonecast, essential news and information every week for the UK mobile phone industry. Today’s program is sponsored by 51Degrees, providing device data, device detection, and mobile analytics for thousands of companies online. Find out more by visiting from any web browser.

00:28 Iain Graham: Hello, it’s Wednesday, the 4th of June 2014. Welcome to this week’s edition of TheFonecast. My name is Iain Graham. I’m your host and with me of course is James Rosewell, the owner of mobile technology business, 51Degrees; and Mark Bridge who is a technology writer. Good morning, gentlemen.

00:43 James Rosewell: Good morning.

00:44 Mark Bridge: Good morning.

00:44 IG: Good morning. Today’s program, we’ve got news about new devices from LG, Microsoft, and Samsung; but we’ll start with a couple of big stories from Apple, and James, you’ve got the first one.

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Free Podcast Transcript: Share with Holy Spirit – 6/3/14

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00:05 Deb Phelps: Hi, this Reverend Deb Phelps, Senior Administer of MiraclesOne, and I wanna thank you for listening to MiraclesOne Radio. I also wanna share with you an exciting event coming up in April 2015 in New York City, and that is the Course of Miracles conference. Rev. Paul and I will be there, once again, presenting, along with many other teachers. You can find out more information at Be sure, when you register, that you let them know MiraclesOne sent you. Also, for all that we offer, be sure to go to our website,


01:04 DP: Hi everyone, this is Reverend Deb Phelps of MiraclesOne, and I’m so glad to be with you for, once again, our Tuesday Course of Miracles with MiraclesOne Radio show. Today is June 3rd, so we are in June now, which means we have a new theme. June’s theme is “Hide and Seek,” so we’ll be taking a look at some readings that help us to get away from hiding, and seek the truth. Joining me, as usual, is Reverend Gail Bartlett. Hi Rev. Gail.

01:36 Gail Bartlett: Hi everyone. How are you doing? Glad to be here.


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Free Podcast Transcription

At Scribie, we believe that all audio/video content created by man will be converted to text eventually and the knowledge capital will be unlocked. We want to do our bit in furthering this vision. Therefore we are happy to announce that we will transcribe your podcasts for free. That’s right, completely free, no strings attached. The transcript will be delivered within a week. We will post the transcript on our blog and send you the transcribed files as well. You will retain the copyright on your podcast. The following link has more details.

This is strictly pro bono work and we reserve the right to select the files. Feel free to contact us with any question.

CallGraph: Stereo vs Mono Recording

CallGraph Skype Recorder records by default in stereo mode which means that your voice and other participant(s) voice are on different tracks in the file. While playing back you will hear your voice on one side of the speaker while your caller/callee’s voice on the other side. To force CallGraph to record in a single track change the channels to mono from Configuration -> Recording tab (how-to). This change will affect all subsequent calls recorded with CallGraph. For older one’s, you can convert them to mono using an audio editor (eg. Audacity).

The stereo mode is useful if you’re recording podcasts since you can edit each track separately. Having voices on separate track makes it easier by an order of magnitude. It also helps with the transcription of audio file and we recommend that you record in stereo mode if you plan to get it transcribed.

Sometimes due to misconfiguration of the PC’s playback settings, only one track is audible during playback and it appears that CallGraph is recording only one side of the call, even though Skype connection has been authorized. A quick fix is to set the recording mode to mono.