Scribie Transcription Community: Mutual Trust

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When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible. – Howard Schultz

Here at Scribie, our primary goal is to provide quality transcripts to our customers in a way that’s fair to the professional transcribers.

We trust that our transcribers will always put their best foot forward in every transcription.

However, relying on trust alone tends to be abused, so we put a system check in place to prevent this from happening.

Learn about how Scribie’s solutions allow us to gauge the files with the pure intent of delivering quality work, making us the best transcription service in this industry.

Running the Well-Oiled Machine

Scribie’s four-step process involves meticulous checking and proofreading to make sure we deliver accurate transcripts.

However, one of the unresolved issues in our system is the classic “who watches the watchmen” problem. After all the prior checks, no one will be able to check the QCs work, but the customer. The reviews stop at some point or it never ends.

For example, a rouge QC can deliver a poor file leading to a dissatisfied customer. If this happens often, it can lead to customer churn and eventually hurt the business.

We, therefore, have to trust our QCs to be sincere with their work. However, any system which is based solely on trust is prone to abuse. That is why we created a few other checks in place to make sure that no one would game the system.

First, we record the player history in the editor. This tells us how much of the file was played.

We also check for the word error rate (WER) of the file and compare it to our predicted WER. That’s the same metric we use to calculate the difficulty level.

Based on these two factors, we may decide to redo the QC for some files. The QC file is converted to a proofreading file, and the file is re-QC’ed by another, more senior QC.

The last check we do is to follow up on customer complaints diligently. We encourage our customers to order free re-reviews if they find the quality unsatisfactory. Customers can offer suggestions while asking for this re-review and we will do our best to incorporate the feedback during the proofreading phase.

At times, these are misinterpreted by our transcribers as policies that work against them. We do all of these in order to ensure that the system consistently works, the best transcribers are rewarded, and we deliver work that we’ll be proud of.

Over to You

Trust is a two-way street. If we do not trust our transcribers, they are unlikely to trust us.

Sometimes, our transcribers get demotivated by such checks and balances. However, with these checks, we have been able to identify who to reward or part ways with.

Looking at the bigger picture, having this in place helps us build a better community where everyone is committed to achieving our mission.

We are committed to becoming the world’s best transcription service provider for both our customers and transcribers.

That is a fine line to walk and we’re here to keep optimizing the system with your carefully considered feedback.

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