New And Improved Payments

credit cards

We are pleased to announce that our payments system is now 100% PCI DSS v3.1 compliant. The credit card information does not even touch our servers now. it is passed directly to our payment processor from the browser. This adds an extra layer of security to all transactions made through Scribie. It’s based on the industry leading Braintree  solution.

The payments experience is now much more streamlined and easy to use. By default the payment method is stored in Braintree’s vault and can be used for further orders. The stored payment methods can be managed from the settings page. Once stored, it just takes one-click to order transcripts.

PayPal accounts can also be now stored as a payment method, which was not possible earlier. It also happens all on our website. The earlier method used to take you to the PayPal website for the payment.

This payment integration also has advanced fraud tools which will flag fraudulent payments. So you are safe even when you lose your credit card!

Try out our new payment system today. Upload your files and order transcripts now.

Importance Of NDA For Transcription Service Providers And Customers

Non-Disclosure AgreementIn new age, we are a part of wide spread network. This network can make private and confidential data go viral in public. The data we have also travels through this network only. Transcription services are delivered online and data security and confidentiality becomes major concern for a client as audio transcripts and videos they are sharing, might have company’s discussions and future plans. Such videos or audio files are highly confidential. It becomes necessary to keep them safe from breach of security. Transcription has become a part of business procedures and meetings now. Every industry is looking for transcription service providers who can keep their files safe and intact. With this need for safety of data, at Scribie we have a process of signing an NDA document.

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