Call Graph Version

New In This Version Inbuilt Player: The player has been replace with a new version. It now displays visualizations as well as the amplitude information. Here’s a screenshot. Wav Files: Wav files now can be uploaded to your Call Graph account and played back using the inbuilt player. This was not possible in earlier versions.… Continue reading Call Graph Version

Call Graph version

Call Graph version is out. We have built upon our previous update and made more modifications to the recording and encoding algorithm. Several new features have been added as well as couple of bug fixes. Here’s a list of all the changes. Echo Cancellation: The echo cancellation module has been completely revamped in this… Continue reading Call Graph version

Browser Based UI vs Minimal UI

Call Graph supports two User Interface’s, an browser based UI and a minimal UI. The browser based UI launches the default browser and displays all the data there using scripts pulled from our website. The mimal UI consits only of a windows dialog for configuration and a toolbar. A detailed feature by feature comparison follows.… Continue reading Browser Based UI vs Minimal UI

Call Graph v1.1.0.2

The bi weekly update of Call Graph client is out. The recording module has been revamped, sharing, transcribing is inbuilt to the UI, uploading limits are gone and several bug fixes. Here’s a detailed description of the changes. Recording/Encoding: Several changes were made to the core recording and encoding module. There will be marked improvement… Continue reading Call Graph v1.1.0.2

The Hybrid Desktop/Web Application

Our goal always has been to provide a very simple easy to use Call Recording application. To that end we employed a very simple and sparse UI. It used to look like this. A simple html window where all the records were listed with the options. Unfortunately this interface was also very restricted. We were… Continue reading The Hybrid Desktop/Web Application