New Feature: Association Password

We added a small new feature today: now you can specify a different association password than your account password. By default both the passwords are same. But there might be cases where you want it to be different eg. when your account is being used by several people for uploading. This password cannot be used… Continue reading New Feature: Association Password

Sorting, Advanced Search and More

We released a couple of changes to the UI that we had been working on recently and added a sidebar to the Call Record history page. This sidebar adds a table sorting, batch operations and advanced search functionality. Here’s an overview of these. Sidebar: The sidebar looks like the following on the ‘Call Record History’… Continue reading Sorting, Advanced Search and More

Recording And More..

So what after the recording. You are obviously recording the call with some purpose. Our web service, CRIMS which stands for Call Recording Indexing and Management, provides you with several options once you are done with the recording. I’ll briefly go over the things you can do with CRIMS in this article. Registering: You need… Continue reading Recording And More..