Did Trump Say I or I’d?

The Jury is out on what President Trump said: I or I’d. But what does the AI think? We put our free automated transcripts service to test on the following clip.

And here’s the result.

But with that being said, a president has been extremely generous with what he said. I like him a lot. I have a great relationship with them, as you know, have a great relationship with prime minister abe in japan, and I probably have a very good relationship with m gun f not care. I have relationships with people to surprise.

So our AI agrees with WSJ. President Trump did say ‘I’. So there you go!

The transcript is missing few words towards the end and we are working to fix it. However, if you have a clean audio file then head here to get a free automated transcript!

Free Podcast Transcript: FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG

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FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.txt

FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.doc

FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.odt

FoneCast – Big announcements from Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and LG.pdf

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00:01 Speaker 1: You are listening to TheFonecast, essential news and information every week for the UK mobile phone industry. Today’s program is sponsored by 51Degrees, providing device data, device detection, and mobile analytics for thousands of companies online. Find out more by visiting 51degrees.com from any web browser.

00:28 Iain Graham: Hello, it’s Wednesday, the 4th of June 2014. Welcome to this week’s edition of TheFonecast. My name is Iain Graham. I’m your host and with me of course is James Rosewell, the owner of mobile technology business, 51Degrees; and Mark Bridge who is a technology writer. Good morning, gentlemen.

00:43 James Rosewell: Good morning.

00:44 Mark Bridge: Good morning.

00:44 IG: Good morning. Today’s program, we’ve got news about new devices from LG, Microsoft, and Samsung; but we’ll start with a couple of big stories from Apple, and James, you’ve got the first one.

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Call Graph Sample Transcript

This podcast was recorded last year when we had just launched Call Graph. We finally found some time to transcribe it with our system and post it here.

0:00:03.8 S1: Hello.

0:00:06.0 S2: Hello.

0:00:06.7 S1: Yes. Rajiv can you hear me?

0:00:10.2 S2: Yeah, I can hear you.

0:00:11.8 S1: Hi. This is Austin Taun from Taipei, Taiwan.

0:00:17.3 S2: Hi Austin. How are you?

0:00:19.3 S1: I’m fine. Okay, so today, Rajiv could you first introduce yourself a little bit.


0:00:30.2 S2: Sure. Well I’m a Telecom [0:00:32.5] ____ here. I graduated sometime in 1999. And after that I worked for some various companies out here. My last company that I worked for was Lucent. And then after that I started off on my own. And for the past two years I’ve been trying to do this Sedna Wireless thing. As part of Sedna Wireless we released Call Graph.

0:01:05.3 S1: Okay. The reason that I know your company, Sedna Wireless is because this product Call Graph, yeah, I think thats, if I think correctly its kind of like Skype recorder. Its like a plugin for Skype, right?

0:01:33.0 S2: ____. It is a call recording application for Skype. It works in the background and it records all your calls into an mp3 file. And then you can play it back, you can search through your call records. Its basically meant for… Its a productivity application. Somebody who would like to have records of his calls, he can use our software.

0:02:02.9 S1: Yes. And the reason that I found it interesting is that, I’m not sure if you aware of this fact, your software Call Graph seems to be the only one that can be used for free! And with the functionality of Stereo. What I mean is that your software Call Graph can record the conversation into separate audio tracks. So that will be perfect choice for Podcasts. Because most of the [0:02:53.9] ___ come into the situation that the two people have different volumes. So it will be very very hard to do the modification, to do the post production.

0:03:14.3 S2: Right. Thats true. We record it in separate tracks which makes it very easy to edit the files. You can use any external audio editor. For example, Audacity is a very good audio editor. And you can export the tracks separately. Plus there is also a feature in which you can record the calls in a wav file. So if you do record the calls in a wav file then you don’t lose any quality. The quality is maintained, of the call.

0:03:44.8 S1: Yes. So I think, frankly there are other software in the market that provide the same functionality of separate tracks. But they all require, a little bit registration fee. So its a very very outstanding point, from my point of view.

0:04:10.3 S2: Yes. Great that you like Call Graph.

0:04:17.4 S1: So I think you should emphasize this point. I actually spent several days to search through the Internet about Skype recording solutions. And I was very surprised that Call Graph was not mentioned very much. It only has 50,000 Google hits, compared to other software, maybe several million hits.

0:04:50.3 S2: Well one of the reason is that we released it recently, its around just two months old. And it got covered by a few popular weblogs, few popular Blogs. For example LifeHacker covered us. And DownloadSquad covered us. But I guess it takes some time to spread through the Google’s network.


A couple of points about our transcription.

  • It is time coded.
  • The words which cannot be transcribed are timestamped and marked with blank ____.
  • Its provided in Word, PDF and Open Office Document formats.
  • If names of the speakers are mentioned then we use their initials. Otherwise we use Speaker 1, Speaker 2 etc.