Norah’s Success Story

Norah's Success Story

Here at Scribie, we strive to provide exceptional transcription services that exceed our customers’ expectations. Today, we would like to share the inspiring success story of Norah, a one-person podcast-and-company owner who discovered the remarkable value of Scribie’s transcription services. Her experience showcases the unique qualities that set us apart and highlights the positive impact our services can have on businesses and content creators.

A Game-Changing Experience

Norah begins by expressing her gratitude for our customer outreach, acknowledging it as a valuable and distinguishing feature that sets Scribie apart from the competition. As a team of one, she appreciates the personalized attention and the opportunity to provide feedback. 

“I LOVE your work. Understand that I used another service until I found you last year, and the time and aggravation you have saved me is EXTRAORDINARY.”

Norah explains that she had used another service before finding Scribie, and the level of accuracy and satisfaction she found with us was astonishing.

“With this transcription specifically, I provided only the name of my guest and me, and one acronym. It’s almost an experiment for me, because nowhere else have I found the result that astonishes and delights me.”

Going Above and Beyond

Norah shares her positive impressions of Scribie’s transcribers, highlighting their attention to detail and the effort they put into understanding the content. She commends our team for going the extra mile by looking up Spanish words, correctly transcribing titles, people’s names, and even a little Spanish word asides by the speaker. 

“… the transcriber(s) looked up all the Spanish words – or knew them! All. Titles and people’s names and little Spanish word asides by the speaker, and EVERYTHING was correct.”

Norah finds our excellence inspiring and acknowledges the impact it has had on her role as a podcast-and-company owner. She expresses her gratitude for the accuracy and efficiency that allows her to continue working seamlessly.

“Truly, your excellence is inspiring – and absolutely a life-saver for me as a one-person podcast-and-company owner. Well done, and thank you.”

Pricing, Speed, and Anticipating Needs

Norah explains that one of the reasons she decided to try Scribie was our competitive pricing structure and subscription model (though this feature was discontinued), which made our services affordable for her podcast audience. She praises the speed and accuracy of our work, noting how the team-crosscheck model delivers results she can trust. 

“My first reason to try Scribie was your price. Your pricing structure and subscription model make it affordable for me to provide this service for my podcast audience. Add the speed and accuracy of your work, and you have a huge fan. I read early on about your team-crosscheck model and it pays off tremendously for me. As I shared in today’s testimonial response above, to be able to trust you to really, really help me have my transcript done in a timely fashion that allows me to continue to work.”

Furthermore, Norah expresses her delight in discovering that we also offer .srt work, fulfilling her next level of needs seamlessly. 

“When I realized you also do .srt work that was all I was hoping to ask for. You’ve anticipated my next level of need.”

She appreciates that Scribie not only addresses the question of “how will I,” but also provides solutions for “how do I.”

Sharing the Scribie Experience

Impressed by the exceptional service she received, Norah eagerly recommends Scribie to anyone in need of transcription services. She emphasizes key qualities that make us stand out: efficiency, accuracy, affordability, and responsiveness. Above all, she commends our transcribers’ dedication to understanding the content and delivering a finished transcript that shows care for the product and the customer. Norah concludes by stating that Scribie sets the bar high and that it doesn’t get better than us.

I have recommended you to everyone that I know that has transcription needs or should realize that transcriptions are critical for accessibility, flexibility, and SEO. I tell them you are:

  • Efficient
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Responsive
  • And that above all your transcribers make the effort to know what the heck they are listening to, and to share back a finished transcript that shows care for the product they have been given and for the customer that has given it to them.

Doesn’t get better than Scribie.” – Norah Lulich Jones, M.Ed. of Fluency Consulting


Norah’s success story highlights how Scribie’s transcription services became a game-changer for her podcast and business. It showcases our commitment to excellence, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Norah’s positive experience with our pricing, speed, and ability to anticipate her needs further reinforces our position as a reliable and valuable transcription service provider. 

We are honored to have made a significant impact on Norah’s work and grateful for her enthusiastic recommendation. At Scribie, we continue to strive for excellence, delivering exceptional transcription solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

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