Affordable Transcription Service

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How to find affordable transcription services High quality and low cost don’t always go hand in hand. The rule is hardly different when you are looking for a transcription company. However, if you are working within a limited budget, you cannot overlook the cost factor. Since transcription is a high accuracy requirement, quality is of utmost importance too.… Continue reading Affordable Transcription Service

Our Transcription Rates Have Gone Down!

Scribie is pleased to announce the new reduced rates with faster turnarounds. We have been working hard to improve our transcription process and tools. With more efficient process and improve technology, we are able to pass on the benefit to our customers. The following is a comparison of our old and new rates. Type Old Rate New… Continue reading Our Transcription Rates Have Gone Down!

Interview Transcription for Documentary

Here is another interview with Jenny Brown for the documentary about the brutality that animals face worldwide. Scribie is proud to associate itself with this noble cause. Please send a mail to or you can chat with us directly for any further queries. Start uploading you files here for quick and affordable transcription service.