How To Record Good Quality Audio To Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Nobody wants the words ‘inaudible’ interspersing the final transcribed script. Unfortunately, you will get a lot of it if the audio quality is not good enough. The good news is, this is easily preventable if you can ensure a good quality audio file. How? That’s pretty simple too! The first step is to have the… Continue reading How To Record Good Quality Audio To Ensure Accurate Transcripts

Interview Transcription

People use transcription services for various reasons in their personal and business lives. For some of those people, they use them for their interviews. Whether you are a writer who is doing research for a book, a reporter or journalist working on a hot story, or a researcher gathering information for your study, the information… Continue reading Interview Transcription

Cost For Transcription Services

Transcription Costs Scribie

What Should You Pay For Transcription? Pricing for Audio/Video Transcription at Scribie Price Per Audio Minute Budget (5 Days) $0.50 Regular (36 Hours) $1.25 Rush (12 Hours) $2.50 Services Included/Excluded Option Additional Charge Audio time-coding Included BITC $0.50/minute Speaker tracking Included Word Document Included Multiple Speakers Included Non-American Accent $0.50/minute Noisy Background $0.50/minute Strict Verbatim… Continue reading Cost For Transcription Services