Free Podcast Transcript: Curtain Call Podcast

We are pleased to present another free podcast transcript; the Curtain Call Podcast. At Scribie, we believe that eventually all audio/video content will be available as text. This free transcript is that one step towards that final goal. Please visit the following link to learn more about this program. Download Links: CCP_Ep_10_Catherine_Gray__Will_Bigham.mp3 CCP_Ep_10_Catherine_Gray__Will_Bigham.doc CCP_Ep_10_Catherine_Gray__Will_Bigham.pdf… Continue reading Free Podcast Transcript: Curtain Call Podcast

Transcription Service Changes

Our our transcription subsytem has undergone a complete revamp. As a result there are several changes to it. The major one’s are: We have transitioned to a complete manual process for transcription from an mixed automated and manual process. This means No more screening of the files Flat 0.50 per minute rate for all kinds… Continue reading Transcription Service Changes

Major Release, Client Version

New Features Skype 4 Echo Issue: A new option to remove Near End Echo when using Call Graph with Skype 4. Thanks to everyone who tested the workaround! Skype Link Error Detection: If no data is being received from Skype during the recording then the recording is stopped an an error notification is displayed. Default… Continue reading Major Release, Client Version

Call Graph Sample Transcript

This podcast was recorded last year when we had just launched Call Graph. We finally found some time to transcribe it with our system and post it here. 0:00:03.8 S1: Hello. 0:00:06.0 S2: Hello. 0:00:06.7 S1: Yes. Rajiv can you hear me? 0:00:10.2 S2: Yeah, I can hear you. 0:00:11.8 S1: Hi. This is Austin… Continue reading Call Graph Sample Transcript

One Year of Call Graph, Five Lessons Learnt The Hard Way

We crossed an important milestone this month: we made it into the second year! The Call Graph client was launched on March 8th 2008 in the first edition of DevCamp Bangalore. We launched the services part few months later, paid plans in November and since then we have been making revenues. Today Call Graph is… Continue reading One Year of Call Graph, Five Lessons Learnt The Hard Way

Transcription Settings

For high quality voice recordings of your Skype conversation, please use the following settings Recording Mode: Stereo – 2 channels Sampling Rate: 16000 Hz Bit Rate: 128 kbps The first three can be configured from the ‘Recording’ tab of the configuration dialog. The last two are in the ‘Advanced’ Tab. Tips: First and foremost, use… Continue reading Transcription Settings

Transcripts of Skype Call Records

Today, we introduced a new transcript ordering process and UI. Transcripts are one of the premium features we offer and it is the cornerstone for our business model. Till now we had been offering the service for free. But starting today, we have changed our policy to offer only the first transcript for free. For… Continue reading Transcripts of Skype Call Records