How Having 3 Rates for Turnaround Options Are Better Than Having 5

We have AWESOME news for you. Now, there are only 3 rates in regards to turnaround options: express, 1 day, and 5 day. There used to be 5 options that included: Express, 24 hours, 5 days, 15 days and 30 days. Of course, there are a few of you out there wonder why the change? Why take away choices or even limit your choices?

For starters, there’s a psychological reason behind it. According to research, we are actually happier with fewer choices and it enables us to actually make an informed decision. More choices tend to make us less satisfied than when we had fewer choices. Take it one step further, we are paying more for the same things we had prior to the additional choices. By decreasing the number of choices, you as customers, have a simple decision to make.


Another benefit for customers can be seen in the 5 day option. Once the 3rd day comes around, customers can see a draft transcript. This allows you to get some work done ahead of schedule.

From a business point of view, it allows us to streamline the process, which in turn makes it a better experience for you, the customer. This means it reduces issues with quality and services, there’s a reduction in wasted resources, and a decrease in cost.

At Scribie, we want to make the entire process for you a simple and easy one. We know that your time is precious and who wants to sit contemplating over choices and whether they made the right one? Take back your time for things that really matter. For more information on the updated rates, just click here.

Delivery Limit

We impose a delivery limit of 2 hours of transcripts per day per user. If you order more than 2 hours of transcripts in a day then the deliveries are staggered such that you get around 2 hours of transcripts per day. For example, if you order 4 files of 1 hours each (approximately) then you’ll receive 2 files each day, for the next 2 days. Similarly if you order 4 files of 1:30 hours each, then we’ll deliver the first file the next day, the next two files the day after and the last one the third day.

We are very flexible with the delivery limit and we can deliver more if required. The delivery limit is mostly a preventive measure which enables us to serve all our customers equitably. Our capacity is limited by amount of hours we can proofread each day. Proofreading is the penultimate step in our transcription process where one person goes through the complete file and corrects all inconsistencies.

We have designed our transcription system to be scalable. If you are in need of a quick turnaround for a bulk order, without any compromise on the quality, then our transcription service is the right choice for you.

Starting Weekend Deliveries

Our transcription service just got a bit better. Starting this month, we are moving from a 5-day work week to a 7-day one. This means we will deliver transcript orders on all days of the week. If an order is placed on Friday or Saturday, it will be delivered within 1 day; Saturday and Sunday respectively. Previously, all orders placed over the weekends were delivered on Monday. Not anymore. We will be delivering all orders within our usual 1-day turnaround time.

There’s no additional charge for weekend deliveries. The same rates ($0.99 per audio minute) and rules apply. Orders have to placed before 2:30 PM EST (US) to be delivered the next day. Orders that are placed after 2:30 PM EST will be delivered on the day following.

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