Why Scribie Charges Extra For Non-North American Accents

We have often been asked “Why does Scribie charge extra for non-North American accents?” so we decided to clarify and expand on the reasons behind our decision. Here’s what you need to know: Most files that are uploaded on Scribie for transcription are from the US, or at least the speakers are mostly North Americans–so… Continue reading Why Scribie Charges Extra For Non-North American Accents

Career In Transcription Industry

Introduction to General Transcription: General Transcription could either be of an interview or a conference call or just a conversation or discussion on a certain topic. The topics can be varied and there is usually more than one speakers. Unlike medical transcription it does not require a formal training or a certification for the company. Skills… Continue reading Career In Transcription Industry

Automatic Audio Transcription

Humans Are Better at Transcribing Than Robots Audio transcription can be a long process, especially if you are a newbie in the field. For many, the automatic audio transcription offers an easy alternative. But is the shortcut worth taking? Statistics would not say so. Express Scribe, an automatic transcription software, offers an accuracy of around… Continue reading Automatic Audio Transcription

The Cost Of Hiring A Transcriptionist

When you are trying to get a file transcribed, hiring a freelancer might offer itself as a promising option. But the reality may beg to differ. When compared to a transcription company, a freelancer might lack the specialised skill, knowledge, and may even come with a lot of hassles. But that’s just the tip. There… Continue reading The Cost Of Hiring A Transcriptionist

Cost For Transcription Services

Transcription Costs Scribie

What Should You Pay For Transcription? Pricing for Audio/Video Transcription at Scribie Price Per Audio Minute Budget (5 Days) $0.50 Regular (36 Hours) $1.25 Rush (12 Hours) $2.50 Services Included/Excluded Option Additional Charge Audio time-coding Included BITC $0.50/minute Speaker tracking Included Word Document Included Multiple Speakers Included Non-American Accent $0.50/minute Noisy Background $0.50/minute Strict Verbatim… Continue reading Cost For Transcription Services

Transcription System: Proofreading

This is a series of posts on our human-powered audio transcription system. The following are links to the previous parts: Overview, Workflow, Certification, Transcription & Reviews. In our workflow, we first break the audio file into smaller parts and each part is then transcribed and reviewed by different people. Due to this methodology the transcript may contain inconsistencies. Proofreading is the… Continue reading Transcription System: Proofreading