CallGraph Retirement

Skype recently announced the retirement of it’s Desktop API by December 2013. CallGraph Skype Recorder is built on the Skype Desktop API and depends upon it to function. Without the Skype Desktop API CallGraph Skype Recorder will cease to function. It is very unfortunate, but we will be forced to retire CallGraph Skype API along with the Skype Desktop API. There are no workarounds possible.

CallGraph Skype Recorder was released in March 2008 and as a free tool to record Skype conversation. It was, and still is, the only free Skype Recording Plugin without any limitations. It is especially popular in the podcasting community and a lot of podcasts are recorded still with CallGraph. For us, it was a great tool to provide our customers. At the end of the day, we are very happy that a lot of people used our tool and were happy with it. Thank you for using CallGraph.

As a fallback we would suggest using an app on your phone to record the call off your computer speakers.  It leads to a loss of quality, but it works.

Update  (7th November, 2013): The call recording API will not be retired at this time, as per Microsoft. CallGraph should therefore continue to work.

One Sided Recording

If you run into the situation where you recorded a Skype call with CallGraph but you can hear only one side of the conversation when you play it back, then there are two things you can do.

  1. Check if CallGraph has been authorized to connect to Skype. Without Skype authorization CallGraph cannot access the voice data from the Skype call and therefore cannot record the other side of the conversation. Skype authorization process can be sometimes tricky. If you face any issues then check the post on troubleshooting tips.
  2. If authorization has been done, then try setting the recording mode to mono from configuration -> general tab and recording another test call. CallGraph records by default in stereo mode where your once and everyone else’ voice is encoded on different tracks. Unfortunately some PC’s are not configured correctly to play such files and you can hear only one track during playback. In mono mode both channels are mixed into a single track.

Once CallGraph has been authorized to connect to  Skype it should be able to record both sides of the conversation just fine.

Skype Unable to Respond

If you get the message “Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond” from Skype, here are few things you can do to resolve this issue.

  1. Make a call to Skype Test Call Service (echo123) or any other contact. This will force Skype to check it’s database of whitelist’ed plugins and respond to CallGraph thereafter.
  2. Restart both Skype and CallGraph several times. To exit CallGraph, click on the CallGraph system tray icon and choose exit from the popup menu. Same for Skype.
  3. Try starting CallGraph after 15-20 minutes of starting Skype. This will allow Skype to settle down a bit and have more time to respond to CallGraph.
  4. Ensure that both Skype and CallGraph are running as non-admin. Both Skype and CallGraph do not require admin permissions to run.
  5. Check if your Antivirus or Firewall is blocking the communication between Skype and CallGraph. Try adding exceptions for both Skype and CallGraph.
  6. Try re-installing both Skype and CallGraph.
  7. Try restarting your PC.

For 64 bit machines, please try the following

  1. Uninstall CallGraph completely.
  2. Download and install the vcredist_x64.exe from the Microsoft website.
  3. Install CallGraph again.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to authorize CallGraph to connect to Skype.

From our testing what we have found is Skype is usually able to respond back after a few tries. So restarting CallGraph a few times works. If nothing works then enable logging in CallGraph (configuration -> general tab), restart CallGraph, start recording and stop it after 5 seconds and send the log file to

Call Graph Recorder: Version

New Features/Enhancements

  • Ability to set the timestamp format in the file name. There are 9 presets available.
  • The toolbar and icons have been redone. Better graphics and looks.
  • The system tray icon now has a indicators for recording and Skype authorization.
  • New option in popup menu which shows the last notification message.

Bug Fixes

  • The echo/lag issue has been fixed.
  • MP3 conversion failure for files with apostrophe’s in their names has been fixed.
  • Crashes when exiting Call Graph has been fixed.
  • The flash plugin in Call Graph Browser has been updated to the latest version.

Please upgrade now. Do not forget to authorize Call Graph after the update. As always, comments and feedback is most welcome.

Major Release, Client Version

New Features

Skype 4 Echo Issue: A new option to remove Near End Echo when using Call Graph with Skype 4. Thanks to everyone who tested the workaround!

Skype Link Error Detection: If no data is being received from Skype during the recording then the recording is stopped an an error notification is displayed.

Default Wav file encoding: From this release onwards the recorded file is always encoded in wav format during the Skype call and converted to mp3 after the call is finished. This reduces the CPU load during the recording process.

Automatic Recording In Between Call: If Call Graph is started during the Skype call and automatic recording is set, then the recording is started immediately.

Browser Launch Dialog: The browser launch dialog can now be skipped.

Bug Fixes

Manual Recording: Fixed several bugs in the manual recording process.

Browser Launch During Startup: The Call Graph Browser is no longer launched on startup. Instead the toolbar is shown.

Skype Connection Notification: If Skype is not running then Call Graph does not keep on showing the Skype Connection Error notification. Instead after two attempts to connect to Skype, the Skype connection notification is shown once.

Notification Messages: The notification messages have been redone in this release.

Please update now. Do not forget to authorize Call Graph to connect to Skype after installing the update. As usual, feedback/comments is welcome.

UPDATE: Some users have reported that after applying this update they cannot hear their callers anymore. If its happening then please upgrade to version to resolve it.

Skype Link Error

If an error is detected in connection between Skype and Call Graph during the recording, then the recording is stopped prematurely and a notification is displayed to that effect. Here’s how you can resolve the issue.

  • Check if you have any other Skype plugin installed which is causing a conflict. Try disabling them and record a test call to see if it works. Generally if you have another recording plugin, it will conflict. You’ll have to choose between the other plugin and Call Graph.
  • Check if your firewall is blocking the connnection between Skype and Call Graph. Try adding an exception rule for Call Graph.

If you require help in resolving it then please contact us or leave a comment here.