New Simplified Transcription Pricing

Three Simple Options for Pricing Your Transcript


We’re happy to announce our new simplified pricing structure.


$1.75/min — delivered within 8-12 hours.

1 Day

 $0.90/min — within 24 hours 

If the order is placed before 2:30 PM EDT (US), 36 hours if afterward.

Flex 5

$0.75/min —  3-5 days.

New Pricing Structure
Scribie’s Simplified Transcription Pricing Structure

If you have worked with Scribie before, you’ll remember that Flex 30 (30-day turnaround) used to be the lowest price. With Flex 5 (3 to 5-day turnaround) now the lowest price option, you’ll pay less than what you paid for Flex 30 and get your file back 4x faster!


You can read more about the pricing structure here.

Also, most of our transcripts have rough drafts completed within three to four hours. This rough draft hasn’t passed our QA experts yet, so we cannot guarantee our 98% accuracy until it’s finished, but it’s a great option if you’re in a pinch for time.





Call Graph Recorder: Version

New Features/Enhancements

  • Ability to set the timestamp format in the file name. There are 9 presets available.
  • The toolbar and icons have been redone. Better graphics and looks.
  • The system tray icon now has a indicators for recording and Skype authorization.
  • New option in popup menu which shows the last notification message.

Bug Fixes

  • The echo/lag issue has been fixed.
  • MP3 conversion failure for files with apostrophe’s in their names has been fixed.
  • Crashes when exiting Call Graph has been fixed.
  • The flash plugin in Call Graph Browser has been updated to the latest version.

Please upgrade now. Do not forget to authorize Call Graph after the update. As always, comments and feedback is most welcome.

Major Release, Client Version

New Features

Skype 4 Echo Issue: A new option to remove Near End Echo when using Call Graph with Skype 4. Thanks to everyone who tested the workaround!

Skype Link Error Detection: If no data is being received from Skype during the recording then the recording is stopped an an error notification is displayed.

Default Wav file encoding: From this release onwards the recorded file is always encoded in wav format during the Skype call and converted to mp3 after the call is finished. This reduces the CPU load during the recording process.

Automatic Recording In Between Call: If Call Graph is started during the Skype call and automatic recording is set, then the recording is started immediately.

Browser Launch Dialog: The browser launch dialog can now be skipped.

Bug Fixes

Manual Recording: Fixed several bugs in the manual recording process.

Browser Launch During Startup: The Call Graph Browser is no longer launched on startup. Instead the toolbar is shown.

Skype Connection Notification: If Skype is not running then Call Graph does not keep on showing the Skype Connection Error notification. Instead after two attempts to connect to Skype, the Skype connection notification is shown once.

Notification Messages: The notification messages have been redone in this release.

Please update now. Do not forget to authorize Call Graph to connect to Skype after installing the update. As usual, feedback/comments is welcome.

UPDATE: Some users have reported that after applying this update they cannot hear their callers anymore. If its happening then please upgrade to version to resolve it.

Call Graph Version

New In This Version

Inbuilt Player: The player has been replace with a new version. It now displays visualizations as well as the amplitude information. Here’s a screenshot.

Wav Files: Wav files now can be uploaded to your Call Graph account and played back using the inbuilt player. This was not possible in earlier versions. A copy of the wav file is converted into mp3 and played back or uploaded. If you are using Call Graph for podcasting, you can now user our web service to archive your podcasts!

CPU Stats: CPU stats has been added to the stats and notes page now as well. You can check the CPU loading during the recording if you open the stats/notes window. Only available in the browser UI mode.

Bug Fixes

Volume Drop Issue: The volume drop which used to occur when recording was started is now gone.

Potential Stack Overflow Issue: If you are experiencing intermittent crashes during the recording, then please update. The encoding thread had a potential stack overflow issue which was fixed in this release.

Please update now! And dont forget to authorize Call Graph to use the Skype API after the update. Thanks.

Call Graph version

New Features

Speaker/Mic Activity Indicators: The toolbar now has activity indicators for speaker and microphone. During the recording whenever there’s any activity on speaker or mic, they blink. If both the sets are blinking then everything’s okay during the recording. Here’s a screenshot of it in action.

Notes: CG now has ability to add notes during the recording process. This feature is accessible from the live stats window. Each note is appended with a timestamp. The notes can be viewed/edited/deleted from the recordings page.

Wave Audio I/O Type: We have reintroduced back wave I/O type to CG, mainly for Windows 2000 users. Its available from the advanced tab of the configuration window. The default is DirectSound.

Bug Fixes

Breaks in recording: The encoding algorithm had a bug which caused breaks to appear in one of the tracks in the recorded file. This has been fixed now. Thanks to Jon and Chris for testing it for us.

Retry for upload failures: If upload to CG CRIMS fails due to some reason, then it is automatically retried twice. The upload status message now also displays the number of files which are queued for upload.

Skype version check: Fixed a bug in Skype version check. Now CG will notify if version lower than 3.2 is being used and exit.

Various: Several crash fixes, various UI enhancements, etc.

As usual, please send us your feedback on this update. And update now. Thanks!

Major Release: version

This is a release which took some time to roll out, but its finally done now. The biggest change is that the Browser UI is completely gone. It has been replaced with the XUL based UI. Now the recordings and configuration pages will open in their own window instead of the default browser. The old minimal interface is still there.

The other things that went into this release are as follows.

The automatic update process has been changed and its now completely silent. No intervention required.

A crash when a recording is started before the last call was finished recording. This should work now.

A big red warning when CG is not connected to Skype and recording is started. A much requested feature.

Rearrangement of the items in popup menu. The feedback option is gone now.

A bug was fixed in Pause recording.

Skype version is now checked at initialization time. If its lower than 3.2, CG gives a warning and exits.

Another bug fixed in stop recording where the temporary file was being copied instead of being renamed.

Lastly, the toolbar has been revamped. It should now look and act better than before. 🙂

Please update now.

Client Version

Call Graph client version is out. The following changes went into it.

Bug Fixes:

Recording cancellation now works! 😀 Fixed a bug introduced in the last version. Thanks to Monica for pointing it out.

Conference call recording has been fixed. Recording is stopped when the last person drops out and not the first.

Fixed a rare crash which used to happen in between the call recording.

Fixed an issue where Call Graph used to hang on startup sometimes.

Association of Call Graph client with the account on CRIMS now works in minimal UI mode. Thanks to Gary for pointing this bug out.

Recording Stats:

Recording statistics has introduced in this release. It displays live stats whenever recording is in progress. Useful if you are recording a podcast or an important call and want to keep a tab on recording status. Its available only in the browser UI mode.

UI Changes:

The recording’s UI has been further cleaned up. The actions have been grouped into a single drop down menu. Check it out.

What’s Next:

Filters, rules etc. Stay tuned.

Please update your installtion now. Thanks!

Call Graph version

Call Graph version is out. We have built upon our previous update and made more modifications to the recording and encoding algorithm. Several new features have been added as well as couple of bug fixes. Here’s a list of all the changes.

Echo Cancellation:

The echo cancellation module has been completely revamped in this release. We are now using the DirectSound built in API’s for it. It should perform much better now and should cancel out most of the echo while using inbuilt mic and speakers.


We had received several reports on delays while using Call Graph. This update fixes the delay issue. Thanks to John and Mike for helping us out with it.

Voice Recorder:

Call Graph can be now used as a standalone voice recorder. The recording starts as soon as the start recording command is issued from the UI and if a Skype call happens in between, and if auto recording is turned on, it records the Skype call as well. So now the recording can be started before making the Skype call too.

Recording In Between:

Now you can launch Call Graph in between a call and start recording it. Useful if you’ve forgotten to start Call Graph before the call had started. Thanks to David for suggesting this feature.

Browser Based UI Changes:

The layout has been changed to 2 column. A new interactive demo page also has been introduced which walks you through a Skype Test Call recording session. From this version you can also bookmark the recordings/configuration pages.

Minimal UI:

We have re-introduced the Dialog based interface we had earlier and have added a configuration item to control it. Its available from the Advanced tab. If you wish you can completely turn off the browser based UI and use only the dialog based interface. Do note that some advanced functionalities will be available only from the browser based UI.


The ‘History’ menu item has been renamed to ‘Recordings’. The installer and uninstaller has been cleaned up; now you can uninstall directly from Add/Remove programs. A nasty crash which used to happen sometimes during the end of the recording has also been fixed.

What’s Next:

Integration with our web service, rules for recordings, option to use Wave I/O instead of Direct Sound etc.

Please do keep your sending in your feedback and suggestions. Wishing you a very happy festive season (if you are in India) and Halloween (if you are not!).