Our Transcription Rates Have Gone Down!

downloadScribie is pleased to announce the new reduced rates with faster turnarounds. We have been working hard to improve our transcription process and tools. With more efficient process and improve technology, we are able to pass on the benefit to our customers.

The following is a comparison of our old and new rates.

Type Old Rate New Rate
Flex 30 $0.80/min $0.65/min
Flex 15 N/A $0.75/min
Flex 5 $1.00/min $0.85/min
1 Day $1.50/min $1.00/min
Express $3.00/min $2.00/min

The rush hour delivery is now @ $2/min with 8-12 hours turnaround. Now getting a file for an urgent report is not as costly as it was before. The efficient 4-step process that we follow, ensures that transcripts meet guaranteed quality standard.

The standard 1 day delivery is at $1.00/min. The turnaround is actually anytime between  24-36 hours. A good quality audio file will be delivered within 24 hrs while a tough file might need additional rounds of proofreading and hence more time.

The Flex 5 type is now $0.85/min. This was earlier the 5-7 day turnaround tier and called as Flexible Week. It is more suited to customers who do not have any urgent requirement for the transcripts and hence can save on the cost.

On popular demand, we are also introducing a new tier called Flex 15 for $0.75/minute. The delivery is guaranteed within a fortnight, but may also get delivered earlier at around 10 days provided we are able to slot it.

The 1 month turnaround is now called Flex 30 and is best suited for customers who might be working on long running projects and have some time left before they can start working with the transcripts.

The new pricing will benefit the customer both in terms of cost and turnaround time. Scribie is now faster, cheaper and the best in the industry in terms of quality. So start uploading your files now.

Click here for more details on pricing. Comments and feedback are most welcome.

The Cost Of Hiring A Transcriptionist

When you are trying to get a file transcribed, hiring a freelancer might offer itself as a promising option. But the reality may beg to differ. When compared to a transcription company, a freelancer might lack the specialised skill, knowledge, and may even come with a lot of hassles. But that’s just the tip. There are many other points where a transcription company would outweigh an individual freelancer even when the person is sincere about the work.

Searching is difficult

The first step is to find a person who will offer quality job in a timely manner. This is especially true if the person is a newbie trying his/ her hands at transcription for the first time. Even after hiring a freelancer you may have to send a file and follow-up on a regular basis to ensure that the job is getting attention.

Credibility is often questionable

Even when you manage to find a freelancer, credibility remains a grey area. It depends upon you to ask for recommendations so that you can make a more informed choice. A company on the other hand offers a much organised service. Plus, it is always easier to find out the reputation of a company rather than an individual freelancer.

Problem of bulk task

An individual freelancer might not be able to manage a lot of files together. A company however can do that with ease since it has the resource that is needed for this kind of job. Hence even when someone fails to do a job, the other person in the team jumps in. And you are kept out of this hassle because you get your work delivered right on time!

Negotiating the price is difficult

A company has a fixed rate, but a freelancer does not. The latter often determines his/ her pay rate which might not be suitable for your purpose. You might end up having to negotiate for a lengthy period of time.

No assurance of quality
Even when you agree to pay a hefty sum of money to a freelancer transcriber, you may not get the quality of work that you deserve. On the other hand, a transcriber asking for too low a rate almost always ends up delivering sub-standard work.

Apart from the usual cost and quality problems, even a sincere freelancer may be unsuitable to handle all kinds of accents. A company, with its rich resource, training, and specialisation can be the better and more efficient alternative.

Scribie, an audio and video transcription service has been serving its customers since 2008. Over the years, we have earned a reputation of delivering high quality transcripts at an affordable price.  So, the next time you are in need of transcription, think of Scribie first.

Start uploading your files and get high quality transcription within the timeframe that you choose.

Next Generation Technology Aiding Transcription

Technology transcriptionTranscription is an indispensable part of business. It helps in reporting, predictive analysis and much more. It also helps enhance business web presence. For perfect transcription many are using next generation technology to help them in entire process and to make transcription more flawless and accurate.

At Scribie, the motivation behind our service is to deliver perfectly transcribed files in most convenient and hassle free way. Continue reading “Next Generation Technology Aiding Transcription”

Scribie’s Delivery Limit And the Rationale Behind It

delivered_on_timeDelivery is an important aspect for transcription service. The results of transcriptions are time bound. It has to be delivered on or before time to make it worth for customers. There are a lot of inquiries about delivery limit in our customer’s mind and here are a few details which might help you understand the reasoning behind it.

The most prior reason is to serve all our clients impartially. Every file is first transcribed, reviewed by proof reader and then send to the client. As correctly said “every good thing takes time” so does our QA team. They go through each and every word of the audio file to ensure you get perfectly transcribed files with no corrections or inconsistencies. They are there to ensure that you get high quality transcripts.

Scribie provides various delivery TAT.

In this category, for a 2 hour file turnaround is 12 hours. There is a delivery limit of ordering only 2 hour audio file per day for each customer.

1 Day
We also have a day delivery in which transcripts are delivered within 24 hours if the order is placed before 2:30 PM EDT (US), or within 48 hours if ordered after.

Flexible Week or Day

If our client opts for flexible week or month then the delivery date will vary anytime within the week or month as opted for.

Bulk Order Delivery

For bulk order Delivery, we don’t want to overwhelm us with lot of files so we try to keep a pre informed way of handling them. We always want to deliver best for all our esteemed customers and in a fair way. Hence, for bulk orders the delivery dates will be adjusted depending on the number of hours ordered. We impose a delivery limit of 2 hours of transcripts per day per user. If you order more than 2 hours of transcripts in a day then the deliveries are divided in a way to receive around 2 hours of transcripts per day.

How does our delivery model works? Here are some examples based on hours of file.

  • If you have three files of an hr each and TAT chosen is 1 day, then the first and the second file will be received on next day and the third file will be received the day after.
  • If you have ordered 10 hrs of files with turnaround time of 2 – 7 Days, Then the first two hrs will be delivered on 7th day and then the next 2 hrs on 8th day and so on.
  • If you have ordered 4 hrs long single audio file with turnaround time of 1 day and then the complete file will be delivered only on 2nd day.
  • Similarly, for 2.5 hrs. With turnaround time of 2-7 days. Then the files will get delivered only after the 3rd day.

Rationale behind our strategy is that our proofreaders can work only on a 2 hour file each day and we would want only one proofreader to work on same file to maintain flow which causes less errors more consistency. Hence a 4 hr long single file will take 2 days to deliver.

Everyone is in hurry so we serve equally to everyone without any partiality. Files with poor audio quality, distortions, non-native speakers or difficult accents may take up additional days since it take 2 -3 rounds of proofreading before it reaches our quality standard.  We intimate our clients about the delay through email notification. In case we fail to transcribe we refund their amount.

Please send a mail to support@scribie.com or you can chat with us directly for any further queries.

Comparison Between oDesk/Elance And Scribie

Feelancers vs Scribie

Eye the difference between two, quality is the Issue!!

Transcription is an indispensable part of your business with unlimited benefits. In this era where businesses are blooming with an edge over their competitors, transcription holds firm ground in market. Now our world is digitalising where we have latest gadgets, tools and techniques which enable you to get your work done in snap of fingers. Same goes for audio transcription. With many open options available in market many people think of getting audio and video transcription done through other hired resources called freelancers.

Freelancers aren’t free of cost as the difference lies in the authorisation; freelancers are people who work independently without being connected to any organisation. Don’t you think transcription through freelancers is time taking and chancy.

  • For freelancing you need to post a job on various websites like oDesk and Elance that act as a platform for freelancers to gain work then employer finds a suitable freelancer and ask necessary questions and negotiate on rate. Once the rate is fixed freelancer is allotted a milestone to cover and deliver work accordingly.
  • Freelancers are paid according to different kind of files some are difficult to transcribe as they have different accent or may have background noise.
  • You need to send audio files to freelancers and they respond to you with transcripts in documented form. You will check the document to ensure quality and accuracy which will make the entire process an agony for you. It will be worse when you have time crunch and freelancers failed to give you accurate transcripts.

Do you think this entire cumbersome process can make your business efficient, the answer is no!!

The optimum utilisation of resources will always leave you best results. Now there are companies like us, Scribie, who manages the entire process and leave you the quality transcripts and you just need to sip in coffee and see those reports.

Why trust Scribie.com with transcribing, the reasons are as follows:

  • First, with us you need not to spend variable cost or bear differentiated cost, we provide flat pricing.
  • Second in the list is reduced file management like uploading and downloading steps, we provide conference call recording service integrated with audio transcription which makes it ultra-convenient for our clients. We are backed by reliable infrastructure.
  • How great it would be when you can track the progress your transcripts, with Scribie you can actually glean at transcripts.
  • The integrated editor provided to customers helps them check the quality of the transcripts in an efficient manner which saves a lot of time and effort.
  • We have in house professionals who got the right experience and skills for transcription. We have a distinct quality team wherein we have proof readers who double ensure our trademark which is 98% accuracy. Transcripts are delivered only when they are checked by our QA team.
  • We guarantee quality and free-review too if the quality standards are not met.

With modern outlook in business, time is money so working smart is one essential thing to win the race. We will shoulder your burden of responsibilities towards transcription by reducing steps and making the entire process hassle free.

Please find the link below to our latest release of conference call recording service integrated with the transcription service.


Please send a mail to support@scribie.com if you have any queries or you can chat with us directly.

Many Eyeballs And Ears Makes All Errors Shallow!

Many earsIn open source there is a saying “given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow” meaning the more widely available the source code is for public testing, scrutiny, and experimentation, the more rapidly all forms of bugs will be discovered. The same principle applies to the way we process each transcripts and how it helps achieve unparalleled accuracy.

Transcription is of utmost importance today, many companies use transcription to have a share of numerous benefits which it provides. Quality is significant in transcription and can serve you in many ways. With quality comes responsibility of transcribing it with all parameters checked. At Scribie, each file is checked by multiple transcribers. Firstly, the file is divided into smaller chunks. Each transcriber works only on a part of the file. Each of those part files are then reviewed by reviewers who are promoted from our transcribers pool based on their excellent grades. As the entire file is divided among transcribers and reviewers, one may correct a part of file and someone else can fill the blanks as per their own knowledge. These part files are then collated and then proofread once again to improve the quality and remove any inconsistencies which could have been introduced since multiple people worked on it earlier. Each transcript is scanned thoroughly to remove errors and later validated by our experienced proof readers. Once proofread, it is then qc’ed by our delivery experts who assess the quality and deliver only those files which are 98% accurate. Those files which do not meet the criteria are again put back for proofreading. This process is repeated till the 98% accuracy is achieved. We hire experienced and certified transcribers who work professionally and have good skills. We have enough resource to research for technical terms and acronyms required for transcription. Since there are multiple people working on a file, chances are more that some or the other may have an idea about the topic being discussed and might be able to fill blanks or correct mistakes which others would be unaware off. We have formulated the entire process keeping accuracy and quality in mind. We believe that the more revisions the file has to go through, results in more accurate transcripts.

We are highly proficient in interview transcription, webinar transcription, podcast transcription, sermon transcription, group discussion transcription, lecture transcription and video transcription. We provide general transcription services as well as specialised transcription services for academic transcription, legal transcription and business or corporate conference calls transcription. As we have so many offerings, we train people to do the required research on topics mentioned in the files to get it right. We also have in house accent experts who can understand and develop accurate transcription.

Our clients can also order a free re-review if the transcript quality is not up to their expectations after the transcript has been delivered. The re-review order can be placed from your account along with specific instructions, if any. The file will be proofread once more and re-delivered.

Please send us a mail at support@scribie.com if you have any queries or you can chat with us directly.