Combined Conferencing And Transcription For Market Research Firms

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Transcription for researching is what people are searching!!

Many renowned companies get into deep down market research before launching any product or service. Market research has become the most efficient tool to launch a product that gives you good return on investment. Many research companies are working day and night to get insights for soon to be launched products. Every minutest detail about consumer preferences is jotted down to get the most accurate findings and results. These consumer insights give product its dimensions and name. Every activity which is done from making till promoting that product i.e surveys on product, finding the need of product, feedback, focus group interviews, group discussions, personal interview of experts of industry is an important part of market research. In this crucial scenario transcription becomes most reliable resource.

How to make your market research more efficient by using conferencing combined with transcription service

Interviewing: A market researcher conducts a series of steps like conducting interviews and then they write a report on the conclusions based on the responses from interviews. In this interview transcription one needs to filter the valid responses as well. Many times the interviewee gives responses which are coveted so one needs to find the meaning and relate it to the topic. So market researching firms finds transcription services to fulfil such requirements.

Accuracy and Quality: Research reports have to be accurate and of high quality as such reports are the basis for conducting various activities related to product or service. At Scribie, we guarantee 98% accuracy and quality as our entire transcription process gets quality checked at every step.

Turnaround Time: Some interviews might need a quick turnaround while others may not be urgent. So just in time transcription service becomes inevitable. Provider should have options like express delivery or 30 days option from which they might save money.

Customer Support: Customer support is the most important aspect of every service delivery, what if anything goes wrong or is not according to SLA then companies look for customer support. Transcription service may have some issues so service provider should have a strong customer support.

Confidentiality: Marketing research contains a lot of confidential data which cannot be shared with everyone so trust is very important to earn when a company provides transcription services.

Integration of teleconferencing and transcription: Market research involves conducting surveys on product, finding need of product, feedback, focus group interviews, group discussions, personal interview of experts of industry. The conference or phone call recording solution is a basic requirement for each of these activity. To get high quality for these conference calls transcripts, it also requires an active listener and a good interpreter. We provide teleconferencing and phone call recording combined with transcription service so you don’t have to worry about recording the call, downloading the file and uploading it to transcription service provider and then ordering the transcripts. With just one click, you can book a call, record it and the order for transcription will be done automatically once the call ends.

Most importantly, if you use our service, then you can focus on your core area which is research and let us do the mundane job.

At Scribie, you will experience our expertise in market research transcription as we guarantee utmost accuracy and timely delivery. We are skilled in handling assignments such as questionnaires, focus group discussion, surveys, interviews, and group discussions that are used to achieve success in competitive marketing research. The teleconferencing service ensures good quality recording since it is off the wire recording which in turn helps to get highly accurate transcripts. We have in house editor and hire highly skilled professional to do transcription of the files. For security the file is bifurcated and allotted to different transcribers to make sure the data remains safe and confidential. We have a fair and transparent payment system. At Scribie, we do, what we promise to you, we earn trust with our flawless services. At last our action speaks louder than words.

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Comparison Between oDesk/Elance And Scribie

Feelancers vs Scribie

Eye the difference between two, quality is the Issue!!

Transcription is an indispensable part of your business with unlimited benefits. In this era where businesses are blooming with an edge over their competitors, transcription holds firm ground in market. Now our world is digitalising where we have latest gadgets, tools and techniques which enable you to get your work done in snap of fingers. Same goes for audio transcription. With many open options available in market many people think of getting audio and video transcription done through other hired resources called freelancers.

Freelancers aren’t free of cost as the difference lies in the authorisation; freelancers are people who work independently without being connected to any organisation. Don’t you think transcription through freelancers is time taking and chancy.

  • For freelancing you need to post a job on various websites like oDesk and Elance that act as a platform for freelancers to gain work then employer finds a suitable freelancer and ask necessary questions and negotiate on rate. Once the rate is fixed freelancer is allotted a milestone to cover and deliver work accordingly.
  • Freelancers are paid according to different kind of files some are difficult to transcribe as they have different accent or may have background noise.
  • You need to send audio files to freelancers and they respond to you with transcripts in documented form. You will check the document to ensure quality and accuracy which will make the entire process an agony for you. It will be worse when you have time crunch and freelancers failed to give you accurate transcripts.

Do you think this entire cumbersome process can make your business efficient, the answer is no!!

The optimum utilisation of resources will always leave you best results. Now there are companies like us, Scribie, who manages the entire process and leave you the quality transcripts and you just need to sip in coffee and see those reports.

Why trust with transcribing, the reasons are as follows:

  • First, with us you need not to spend variable cost or bear differentiated cost, we provide flat pricing.
  • Second in the list is reduced file management like uploading and downloading steps, we provide conference call recording service integrated with audio transcription which makes it ultra-convenient for our clients. We are backed by reliable infrastructure.
  • How great it would be when you can track the progress your transcripts, with Scribie you can actually glean at transcripts.
  • The integrated editor provided to customers helps them check the quality of the transcripts in an efficient manner which saves a lot of time and effort.
  • We have in house professionals who got the right experience and skills for transcription. We have a distinct quality team wherein we have proof readers who double ensure our trademark which is 98% accuracy. Transcripts are delivered only when they are checked by our QA team.
  • We guarantee quality and free-review too if the quality standards are not met.

With modern outlook in business, time is money so working smart is one essential thing to win the race. We will shoulder your burden of responsibilities towards transcription by reducing steps and making the entire process hassle free.

Please find the link below to our latest release of conference call recording service integrated with the transcription service.

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What Type Of Calls Should Businesses Record And Transcribe

Transcription is the need of the hour. It can be your leading edge over others. Every company is running on small change in their way of doing business. A small change can make a big difference. Transcribing important business calls will give you a plethora of advantage. Your next question would be what type of calls to transcribe and what advantages it would serve you with.

Let’s talk about Sales Pitch. Sales pitch call is a part of every business as you pitch in to clients and try to sell your product and service offerings. You may call numerous people or a few top notch potential clients. No matter what the number of call is, you want to recall your conversation with them to find what you have offered and what are they expecting from your company. Transcription can prove to be beneficial for your company as it has following advantages:-

  • Transcription will give you a brief report of entire conversation.
  • This report can also highlight the timing of next follow up call.
  • Pertinent details in reports including company name, prospect name and telephone number so you can simply click through to make the call again
  • You can check the quality of conversation and improvise later.
  • This report will give you insights about client’s requirement; can help you in taking futuristic decisions.

Next in the list is Board Meeting. Transcription of board meetings becomes very vital as every statement in the meeting might become the company’s new policy, decisions and much more. Transcripts can act as minutes of the meeting. For any meeting one can review last meeting agenda and solutions. Meetings which are transcribed work wonders for top management. Reports can describe each and every solution and ideas which was shared or discussed in the meeting. These transcription reports act as proof and it is of high importance.

Earnings conference calls, wherein a public company discusses the financial results during the last quarter/year etc. Investors and financial consultants eagerly await the earnings conference calls which would give them knowledge on the success and failures of their investment. Earnings call transcripts could impact stocks and its stakeholders. The earnings call usually ends with a question answer session between the company, investors and stock analysts. Transcripts of the earnings call is distributed by the company. One can look for company’s growth over time from such reports.

Transcribing calls like candidate references can be useful as well. The benefit would be, the references that candidates quote during their interview can be checked to ensure the right candidate is hired with right skill. You can counter verify the information provided from the references provided.

Webinars are budding method of sending your message out to more than just your local community. The webinars could be just a message, knowledge sharing session or a seminar. When you host a webinar make sure you get them transcribed. Transcripts help in increasing webinar presence in search results as the transcripts will contain all the keywords people are looking for. It also enables listeners to read a text version of webinars which is a great way of comprehending and reduces the need of re-listening to webinar.

Podcast is an audio/video content created by people which others could listen by downloading it from internet. We offer free podcast transcription service. The files will be transcribed within a week and we will send you the transcript. However, we will also publish the audio and transcript on our blog.

Customer testimonial for case study can be well transcribed and the reports of transcription will add value to business. Client testimonials are short, focused quotes not more than a few sentences received from customers who are willing to share about a specific aspect of your business which could be quality of product and services or the client’s experience with your company. These testimonials are received as audio through calls and can be transcribed to know about customer feedback. In today’s world each company is client centric or customer centric, in this way transcription is a great help for companies looking for transcribing customer testimonials.

All above calls can be transcribed by Scribie. Scribie is one stop solution for all calls. Bring any type of call and receive transcription reports which are accurate, efficient and at fair price too. Each report will give you glimpse of quality and productivity at Scribie.

You can also book any of these calls through Scribie’s phone call and conference call recording service which is integrated with its transcription service. Please check the link below for more details.

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Audio Transcription And Teleconferencing: A Perfect Match For Each Other!

Teleconferencing and Transcription
Teleconferencing and Transcription

Global scenario has increased communication between companies, their clients and subsidiaries. Due to rising cost involved in traveling, companies are looking for cheaper but effective ways to facilitate meetings. With the advent of teleconferencing, you can do conference call anytime to serve your purpose. This keeps your business open to opportunities as well as it is a great medium to showcase your potential to your clients. From elaborate sales calls, board meetings, product demonstrations, live consultations with doctors or providing video lectures to students, teleconferencing finds its application in all spheres.

To make it easier for you to remember each and every activity on conference calls, audio transcription comes in handy. Audio transcription works for wide range of business, educational, medical, organisational, or in-house informational exchanges where a virtual conference takes place. Teleconferencing with audio transcription saves companies time and effort in more than one way. Audio transcription converts teleconference calls from audio formats into various text-based documents. The textual conference call transcripts can act as a useful reference when one wants to review everything that was discussed in a teleconference call. This is very useful for a conference call that involves lengthy communication between groups of people who are globally located. It is unmanageable to make written records of a meeting. Collecting notes from all members involved in a call can be tedious and time consuming. Transcribed teleconferences come as a solution to this problem by presenting either exact transcripts or professional transcripts of a teleconference.

Scribie has the right balance of teleconferencing with audio transcription, both matched perfectly. Advantages of Scribie’s teleconferencing service integrated with audio transcription:

  • The teleconference service is free. You will be charged only for the transcripts.
  • Interface is simple yet very user friendly. Just book a call and the rest is automated. The recording starts automatically. No need to download and upload the audio files. The transcripts are ordered from your account automatically once the call ends.
  • You get the best quality audio(recording off the wire) which in turn produces best quality transcripts.
  • Our transcription team has an outstanding mix of transcribers, proofreaders and quality analysts. Each transcriber has good comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up each word. The results are reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.
  • We provide you the time advantage which says while you are asleep, we are working on your files to be transcribed so that next morning your audio transcription is done.
  • Timely delivery and prompt after delivery services, because we care for our clients.

Teleconferencing is incomplete without audio transcription and we at Scribie makes this combination more powerful and beneficial to our clients.

You can even record phone calls using our call recording services and get it transcribed. Please check the link below for more details about our conference and phone call recording service, with automatic transcription.

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Distinctive Features of Scribie’s Audio Transcription Service

Audio Transcription Service
Audio Transcription Service

“Scribie is one of the best ways to get audio transcription”.

These days we have unlimited options available in the marketplace for every need and want of ours. Audio transcription is no different. We have many audio transcription services out there who promise us a bag of good things but deliver none. In this scenario where every single detail of conversation is of utmost importance, we need to be extra cautious of what is promised versus what is delivered.

How Scribie is providing a unique experience.

  • We provide hassle free and easy to use services for our clients.
  • We offer free re-review if you are not satisfied with the quality of files delivered.
  • We have various turnaround option at different rates, from flex 5 (3 -5 days) to 1 Day (24 hours) and Express (8-12 hours) you can choose whichever suits you the best.
  • Our process is a four step process transcription, review, proofreading, and quality check. We guarantee 99% accuracy.
  • We ensure that a number of people collaboratively work on each file, which results in a higher quality transcript. Everyone works as a team at Scribie.
  • We ensure the accuracy and effort to be the same regardless of the size of the file. Even the shortest file is worked upon by more than three people.
  • We have set of protocols to follow which delivers consistent and certified results.
  • Want to track the progress? We have a WIP (Work in progress) system set up to give you a real-time progress update for all of your transcripts.
  • Integrated Editor, helps you check the quality of delivered files and you can even go ahead and make corrections or fill in the blanks.
  • We will send email notification in case of delay. We keep our clients informed about the entire process.
  • We have recently launched teleconferencing and phone call recording service integrated with transcription service. So if you want to record a phone call or conference call and then order for transcripts then just book a call with us and the recording and order for transcription will happen automatically.

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Teleconferencing Integrated with Transcription: Backward Integration

“Scribie is paving the way and setting industry trends through backward integration.”teleconferencing and transcription service

This is a Global Era where each company has their global presence and mostly works offshore. With this there comes the need of a tool which can help corporates in communicating and planning strategically beyond the boundaries which is teleconferencing. This not only saves time and cost but also makes it more feasible to conduct such meetings. We know while we teleconference there are lot of problems that occurs like issues related to connection, numbers of steps involved, speaking order and clarity of speech. To cure all such issues there is a new way of teleconferencing which is with Scribie. Scribie is one great platform that enables you to do teleconferencing with transcription. This is a new and an amazing way of teleconferencing as it will give you plethora of benefits. The bucket of benefits with Scribie includes the following:

  • Because it is automated, it is highly convenient for customers as it reduces the number of steps like download and upload recorded file and order the transcripts. It makes entire process hassle free.
  • Improves audio quality, lets everyone listen easily and enables good transcription.
  • Recording is done off the wire that gives flawless quality and accuracy in transcription.
  • Scribie has entire team that does transcription, review, proof reading and quality check to ensure best results.
  • Scribie makes teleconferencing so easy and flexible plus affordable that once anyone who use it will definitely suggest others.
  • Scribie also provides unmatched features like free recording services, review and edit transcripts. One can see the progress of transcripts as well.
  • Each transcript is checked by four or more people just to make sure it is more than 98% accurate.
  • The entire team of Scribie is highly responsive and responsible. Every work is taken confidentially to ensure data safety.

Scribie has opened the doors of teleconferencing which is reliable and highly affordable.

So don’t just do teleconferencing, Use Scribie.

Please visit the link below for more details about the teleconference service from Scribie.

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Why You Should Care About Audio Quality While Recording

Good Audio QualityIt is very important to ensure that the audio recordings that you make for transcription is of high quality. High quality recordings will give you better returns for your investment in equipment and time. The quality could be bad because of many reasons for e.g. bad quality recording tools, recording in a noisy place etc.

The higher the quality of the recording, lesser errors a transcription will contain. Clear recordings mean that the transcribers will spend less time doing its transcription. If the recording is clear the transcriber will not have to replay a specific section over and over to figure out what all the parties are saying.

If these factors are all combined, it is natural that the accuracy of the transcription will also improve.

Time, as Benjamin Franklin said, is money. Clear recordings will save the transcriber’s time. This is self explanatory. This means that the employer saves money. The transcribers will now be free to do extra work, that would not have been possible if the recordings were of sub-standard quality.

The client will also benefit seeing that the transcripts of the recording is delivered quicker. A satisfied customer is much more likely to return than one who received the service that was just adequate.

These are but a few of the reasons why quality audio recordings are worth it.

To get a good audio quality of a phone call or teleconference call recording for transcription, use Scribie’s recently launched teleconferencing and phone call recording service integrated with transcription service. The recording is done off the wire which is the standard and the best way to ensure good quality. Please check the link below for more details.

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Advantages Of Recording The Phone Call Interviews Off The Wire

Phone Call RecordingThe ability to record phone calls is a useful feature for many people. The quality of the recording becomes especially important if you want to get it transcribed. Traditionally external recorders and speakers have been used to record the call, but if you want to get these calls transcribed, recording off the wire is the best way to ensure good quality. Following are the advantages of recording phone call interviews off the wire

  • Recording a phone call or a teleconference should be done directly, or off the wire, as we say. Using an external device, like a digital recorder, usually results in a sub standard recording.
  • The audio input levels of the recording are not the same. A recording is usually made by the interviewer for later review. In a case like this, the interviewer’s voice will be louder and clearer than that of the interviewee. Seeing that the aim of the interview is to determine what the interviewee has to say, it is very important that his or her input is clear. This is one reason why an off the wire recording is preferred to using an external recording device.
  • An external recording device is also more likely to capture ambient and background noise. Offices can be noisy. The recording may be unclear because of telephones ringing in the background. Even the keystrokes of the interviewer making notes during the interview can negatively influence an external recording.
  • There are also a few technical factors that one should consider when it comes to making recordings of a telephone call. Recorders generally use a sample rate of 44.1 KHz and a bit rate of 128 Kbps. Telephones on the other hand, generally sample at a rate of 8 KHz with a bit rate of 64 kilo bits per second. As you can see these values differ. This means that distortion is very definite possibility due to the extra encoding that takes place.
  • The size of an externally recorded digital file will also be much larger than an off the line recording.

If you are looking for a good quality phone call recording service and need the call to be transcribed, you can use Scribie’s recently launched phone call and teleconference call recording service integrated with its transcription service. The recording is done off the wire and it is free for its customers. The charges will be only for the transcriptions. Please check the link below for more details.

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