Skype Desktop API Disabled?

The CallGraph Skype recorder is built on the Skype Desktop API. Some parts of the API was deprecated by Microsoft last year. The announcement can be found at the following link. Fortunately CallGraph did not use those APIs and was still working. With the Skype update however, it seems that some more APIs have been removed… Continue reading Skype Desktop API Disabled?

CallGraph Retirement

Skype recently announced the retirement of it’s Desktop API by December 2013. CallGraph Skype Recorder is built on the Skype Desktop API and depends upon it to function. Without the Skype Desktop API CallGraph Skype Recorder will cease to function. It is very unfortunate, but we will be forced to retire CallGraph Skype API along with… Continue reading CallGraph Retirement

CallGraph: Stereo vs Mono Recording

CallGraph Skype Recorder records by default in stereo mode which means that your voice and other participant(s) voice are on different tracks in the file. While playing back you will hear your voice on one side of the speaker while your caller/callee’s voice on the other side. To force CallGraph to record in a single… Continue reading CallGraph: Stereo vs Mono Recording

CallGraph Browser Failure

If CallGraph Browser fails to start or if you get an error message similar to the following Error: Platform 5.0 is not compatible with minversion> =1.8 maxversion<= 2.0 Then please download and install the following setup to fix it. After the install finishes, please restart CallGraph. To restart CallGraph, please right click on the… Continue reading CallGraph Browser Failure

iamstarting Podcast

Thanks to Chirag at iamstarting for the podcast on CallGraph and Scribie. We go into back story of CallGraph and some general startup stuff. Check it out. There’s some amazing stuff on this blog. If you’re interested in the Indian startup scene then this is a blog you must subscribe to.

CallGraph.Biz is now

We have moved to a new domain; All the accounts data from CallGraph.Biz has been migrated to If you had an account on CallGraph.Biz then you can now login to your account and check. With the focus is more on our audio transcription service. We have been working on our… Continue reading CallGraph.Biz is now

Skype Unable to Respond

If you get the message “Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond” from Skype, here are few things you can do to resolve this issue. Make a call to Skype Test Call Service (echo123) or any other contact. This will force Skype to check it’s database of whitelist’ed… Continue reading Skype Unable to Respond